Bit worried. . .

Pointless worrying really but I am 14 dpo and have just falling on my front in the snow. Got a pain around my ovaries now.
I really really hope I haven't gone and done something to lose my egg image
I know it is a completely pointless post as I may not even have my BFP I am jsut now really worried.


  • Aww hun hope you're ok. Not a pointless post at all, I would probably think the same thing! When are you planning to test agin? Best of luck x
  • Oh you poor thing. Like kittenmittens says, it's not a pointless post at all, you're just looking for some reassurance. Is hubby with you to give you a cuddle? I hope you're not too shaken from the fall. Put your feet up and let us know how your test goes x x
  • hey sweet -

    I hope everythin is ok for you.

    Keep us updated chic

  • aw hun don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine, if there is a little bean settling in (hope so!) then he/she would be very well protected at the minute because they are so small.
    Try not to stress yourself out and as the other ladies say put your feet up and have a relaxing night in front of tv xx
  • Am sure if you are pg the little bean will be tucked in safely hun.
    Try not to worry, put your feet up now xx
  • Hi hun, hope your ok, I will sound daft too but have gutted the house today (a nesting instinct came over me) and have been doing alot of scrubbing and bending over when before I got a really sharp pain on my left side and I started panicking thinking what If I have done something.

    I havent got af or BFP yet, due af tomorrow and shes a no show so far keep thinking I am going to wake up in the morning with af facing me............

    Anyhow am feeling a bit nauseous tonight and having strange grumbling in my tummy.

    I hope you are ok hun x
  • Hi all thanks for being so understanding and not thinking me mad!
    Pain gone now think i just panicked myself a bit.
    Gonna test again in morning - due Tue.
    No AF pains yet so fingers crossed. I have to admit that I will be devestated if she shows up image
    babydust to you all image
  • Good luck hun, keep us posted xx
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