Poll - will you find out the sex of the baby?

Thought it would be fun to talk about what we will do when we get our BFPs image

I would like to know if I am having a boy or a girl as I am a bit of a control freak and like to plan things (not a good thing when TTC lol)

Hubby does not want to know the sex. He likes surprises, So how do we decide who gets their way on this one?


  • Ooo i like this! I would like to know, mainly so i can plan buy and bond! OH isnt sure, if he really didnt want to know then i would respect that and not find out! x
  • We didn't find out with our 1st and glad didn't as we had chosen names and I had to have elective c sec as she was breech, the sex was the only surprise!! I won't find out when baby no2 is on the way in case the same happens!!
  • I want to know but the other half doesn't. I don't think I could find out as I'd be slipping up all the time I think I'll respect his wishes and keep it a secret.... I may drop a few persuassive practical issues in there though about whether or not we need to stock up on football gear!!! ha haimage xx
  • good idea, i found out the sex with my 1st so i could get prepared and had a c-section and would of liked the suprise at the end so with my nxt i would like to keep it a secret and have the big suprise at the end. if your oh doesnt want to know then dont think you should find out as you will only have 20 more weeks and you will find out then but if you did change your mind after the 20 wk scan you could always have a 4d one and find out then xxx
  • i wanted to know with my 1st but not my 2nd

    i found out with both of them tho as i say i want to know with my 1st but found out with 2nd as we had so many problems that they said i could lose the child so i found out and she is lovely but with number 3 i don't want to find out as i do want a surprise no doubt some of mine and OH family will keep asking but i am going to stand by it i would of last time but i was a little cut up so i wanted to know


  • i found out with my first and i felt (for us) was the best thing as i strangely felt closer to the baby knowing what she was, but saying that even if i didn't know i would still feel close to her. :roll:

    i loved going out looking at what we could buy her (we didn't tell anyone that we knew) and we picked up a few things and hid them :lol:

    but at the end of the day its YOUR discission. we did think about it for quite a few weeks before we made up our minds do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    x jigh n(nicole typed this :lolimage
  • With our 1st and 2nd we found out the sex so we could be prepared. But with our next baby we have decided not to know. The main reason for this is that as my other 2 were both born by emergency sections the next one will be an elective section so we will know the day its gonna be born for a couple of weeks before it happens so it would be nice to keep one surprise for the day
  • hiya, i dot want to know, just coz i thinks its something exciting to look forward to after/during labour. h2b wants to know tho, so bit of a dilemma there, but im sure we will sort it out when the time comes x
  • We don't want to know and thankfully we're in agreement about that...I like the idea of a surprise alothough I'm sure it will be tempting at the scan and we'll have to be strong and say NO! xo
  • We found out at the 20 week scan with dd and we told peeps bubs was a girl but we didn't tell them the name we picked for her.

    I want to know in order to prepare and because I hate surprises esp. now that I have countless totes of baby girl clothes and blankets! Do I sell them or do I keep them? There is enough surprise etc. with birth and just what the baby will look like etc.

    To each there own, nobody should tell you what is best for you or force their opinions on others so if DH really didn't want to know, I wouldn't have found out but I'm glad he didn't care either way....
  • i like to be prepared for anything that's coming my way but surprisingly, with my 1st, i was excited about the guessing game. it was soooooooo thrilling not knowing the baby's sex believe me! Initially most babies look cute in anything no matter the colour so go ahead and buy baby things in both blue, yellow or green-neutral colours...that's if u decide not to know though!
  • hiya girls.i am trying for baby number 3 and wont be finding out the sex. i didnt with my previous two as i love the surprise. it is a personal choice but for me esp after my sons long and difficult birth having the surprise at the end really gave me something to work towards if you no what i mean. with my daughter everyone thought i was having a boy ,even my hubby so looking down as they placed her on my chest and lifting her little leg is a memory ill treasure forever! a good friend of mine had an unplanned pregnancy and she found out the sex beforehand. i think that was right for her as it helped her bond with the baby and get organised. another option is to find out but not tell anyone like my sister did. she and her oh found out and kept it a secret so she still got to make the big announcement! whatever suits you! but i am already looking forward to the surprise a third time!!!
  • we both said we would like to know but after watching this weeks one born every minute where they didn't know the sex it was so nice waiting for the baby to pop out to see if it was a he or a she that i'm not convinced I would want to know now.. i think a surprise would be lovely!
  • ah i think our 2nd time around we wont be finding out i really want to experiance its a boy/girl thing image

    i think finding out the first time was such a help and i feel i know what im doing next time round :roll: i will find it hard not being able to buy things tho lol so maybe when i see something il put the money aside for when we have bubs then mega splash out lol
  • I hate surprises so prob will find out but not tell any one this time! We found out with our son and it was amazing as we could pick a name and buy clothes. I think I really bonded with him too!

    After watching one born every minute on tues I have kind of changed my mind a little!!! I still think I would get to the scan and give in though!!! No will power!

  • Ooh love this thread well done!!

    I always thought I would find out and I really would love a little girl and hubby wants a boy but we have both said either way we are happy to have a baby and ideally we would like 2, 1 of each but it doesnt happen like that.

    Lol maybe I will just have twins and be over and done with as hubby is adament we cant have anymore than 2 kids...............spoilsport!!

    Anyway in answer to your question, no dont think we will find out now I like the element of surprise and announcing its a boy or girl and what you have called him or her. I can definately see the pros of finding out tho to be more organised and theres loads more you can buy etc.

    I think now I wouldnt but maybe we would change our mind at 20wk scan, oh I really dont know now its always been a dont know if we will or wont situation!!

  • Me and hubby defo want to find out the sex of the baby...just gotta get our BFP yet though!!
  • Me and hubby defo want to find out the sex of the baby...just gotta get our BFP yet though!!
  • I found out with my 1st and will when I have my 2nd well when we get round to ttc, lol. I hate surprises and so does OH...wish I could wait but just couldn't. Is it an age thing do you think?? I was 19 when lo was born - and my parents and in laws just did NOT understand why we'd find out!
  • I really wouldn't want to know, I like surprises too much! Oh agrees so no problem!! x
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