Anyone else not BD enough? I work shifts and Bd'ing isnt always as often as I like, not one of these couples that can BD on que and know this is going to be a problem.........


  • my hubby works shifts so it can be difficult..especially when he is working on at the moment he comes home for his tea...and dessert ;\);\);\) he thinks all his christmass' have come at once with all the baby dancing lol
  • as long as you get chance to BD when you think you are ov then it should be ok. my hubby is due to go back on shifts soon and i'm hoping we get bfp before then as he gets very tired and grumpy! xx
  • Im not sure when il be ov'ing because its only my 2nd month off the pill (expecting af at the end of the month sometime and not sure when-last cycle was 30 days.) what are the signs that i could be?
  • Sorry but just got to ask, what are you holding in your avatar?! Its sooo cute, like a little Gizmo!

    If you know roughly when you are ov'g, and make an extra effort to bd around that time, then it should hopefully work out for you. good luck xx
  • (hehe its me its a little naghappi (bush baby) makes me giggle.)

    I would BD all the time, my OH gets tired and grumpy bah humbug!

  • Awww, I want one! :lol: Is it yours?

    from what I have seen on this forum there seem to be a lot of hubbies out there who get grumpy or complain about 'too much' bd'g, I thought it was men who were supposed to be always up for it???

    Seems to me like all the old jokes about women always having headaches were waaay off the mark!
  • hehe I wish I had a bish baby, they are little tree dwelling things that live in South Africa.......

    Soooo off the mark that men want it all the time - sometime I think if I erected a stripper pole in the front room and span round it he's say, 'love move out the way of the telle' HAHA only playing
  • Well, think I may just have to move to SA and get me one of those!

    pmsl @ the stripper pole/tv thing! Can just imagine it! lol! x
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