OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!

I'm pregnant!!!!!!! Just did a CBD and it came up preg 1-2weeks.....

So you ladies are aware don't rule anything out! my story is..... I finished my pill on the 13th Feb and had a withdrawal bleed on the 16th Feb. I was due my period last Tuesday and have done 4 tests and got negative results each time. I had a small bleed yesterday and was convinced it was my period - so much so I wrote on here how happy I was to be having a AF so I could place my cycles. The bleeding however stopped and started again this morning - just light pink yesterday and brown today.

I remembered doing my test with my last daughter 7 years ago and I did that in evening, so thought oh what the hell I'll do one tonight when I get home and......... PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS!!!! OMG it hasn't sunk in but I wanted to tell you my story to show dates aren't always accurate!!!

Baby dust to all of you ladies xxxxx


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