Sore (.)(.) advice pls


Was hoping for some advice, I have had really sore boobs since about 4 dpo last cycle. I am now on CD8 of the next cycle, had pretty normal AF but still mega sore boobs!! Is this a side affect of coming off the pill ( last cycle was my first month). Could it be something that I should see a doc about?

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  • can't offer any advice but just wanted to say that i had the same last cycle (remember all my symptom spotting!!) and i'm now on cycle day 7 today so maybe we can give a bit of morale support during this cycle. i'm gonna attempt the sperm meets egg plan this month but without the use of opk's just gonna assume that i have a 28 day cycle (as that's what i had last month) so a bit of guesswork for ov. i'm sure hubby will love the extra attention he's gonna get!! anyway sorry for hijacking your thread but really good to catch up with you.

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  • Hi moschops. Good luck for this month, we will have to catch up as the cycle goes on and symptom spot together lol. I got OV pains on day 12 of my cycle last month so we are just going to BD from tomorrow for the next 10 nights think to make sure we have it covered. Due next AF on New years eve so might just get a BFP in this year if I am very very lucky!! x
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