want another baby aarrrggghhhhhhhhhhi think i am the most broody i have been in ages and im trying not to cry over all the birth stories as it brings back so many happy memories,not entirely a bad thing i suppose but have been ttc a long time i really thought we would have our baby by now :cry:

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  • Oooohh grudie I have never wanted something for someone else sooooooo badly before!!!!!!!
    You are very much in my thoughts hun and with everything that I do or happens with pootle, i always have a little minute and make a wish that it's not too much longer for you too!!

    This is your year hun...I know it is!

    So any chance of a valentines conception? Me and L never ended up with a valentines baby so it would be nice to have a link lol.

  • Oh hun i thought it was a happy bfp post.....

    when is af due?
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  • aww em you just made me cry
  • Its so hard isn't it?
    Hugs honey.
  • I know. I am the same as am lucky enough to have a 2yr old and never ever thought would want another but as he is growing older ai am starting to think about his future and him having a brother or sister and am getting broody. Enjoyed my pregnancy although had bad pnd but just wish we could click a button and decide on when our babies could be born and therefore which month we fell pregnant. AM only a few days into ttc and not even ov yet and already starting to become obsessed again.
    Keep thinking about what if things have changed and it doesn't happen this time or takes years. Then I wonder if we will manage it the first month and then secretly panic etc.
    Loving watching that 'One born every minute' programme as well. Good luck all x x
  • a happy/sad cry if that makes sense tho im so lucky to have 'friends' like you all

    Gem not a clue when shes due im hoping shes getting back to the normal but i dont let her know that coz then she bloomin well wont :lol:

    Helen isnt it just,im finding i really hard of late,trying to be happy but cant help but be sad at times,ive lost myself and cant convince myself im not broody any more when i fully am
  • i balled my eyes out at one born every minute,i cant wait for that rush of utter love you get when baby is born
  • Oh no don't cry....christ you'll set me off! :lol: it isn't taking very much at the minute to set me off!

    I can't think of anyone more deserving than you and H......It makes me feel very very lucky at the moment and makes me slap myself to pick my bottom lip up!!

    Sweetie don't even try to hide your feelings, you are more than entitled to feel this way and it can only help to let it all out! It's too hard on you to try to hold it all in.
    So hope your AF sorts it's bloody self out and gives you some peace of mind......are you listening Grudie's AF?....SORT YOURSELF OUT OR I'LL BE HAVING WORDS!!

    I just hope that I am at home when you announce your bfp.......I will make such a show of myself if im out somewhere :lol:

    In the mean time you pin that gorgeous little boy of yours down for lots of kisses and cuddles!!
    You know im always here if you need a good old get it off your chest moan!!
  • Awh im sure it will happen soon. Sending baby dust xx
  • thanks em xxxx
  • thanks carebear and justmarried really hope it does happen soon i think im well over due my BFP now
  • I really hope this month is your month hun, hjanea and gembags too!

    It's unfair that people have conceived and given birth in the time most of us have been trying, though it will be extra nice when we get our babies that we have waited so long for image xx
  • don't know you but had to post!

    fingers crossed for you I know its horrible when you want it soo bad it will happen!

    sending baby dust xxx
  • I REALLy hope it happens soon for all you ladies. It took us 21 months so I know how you feel. I had totally given up hope and every time some nosey bleeder asked I would force a laugh and tell them I'd buy another horse instead!

    Don't give up hope!
  • Awww sweetheart, you'll get your bfp soon and you'll have soo much love for that little bean. (((((hugs))))) xxx
  • I hope you get your BFP really soon, it sounds like you truly deserve it. I don't feel like I'm entitled to say I *know* you deserve it as I don't really know you that well at all.

    However I have seen how helpful you are to lots of lovely ladies on here now & all those that keep popping back to check on you (including me on occasion) & there seems to be no-one more deserving.

    I feel a little bad for some of my...'its taking so long posts' when there are people who have been waiting so much longer than me.

    Listen to these ladies, keep up your PMA & your BFP *will* happen soon!!!!

    Sending lots of baby dust to every one x x x x
  • Hi sweetie

    Saw this on the homepage & you know I like to check in on how you are although am never far away. It is so bloody hard & unfair at times isnt it know exactly how you feel cd1 again for me & feeling a bit shite wondering if it's ever gona happen. You will get your bfp soon hun I just know it's gona happen. Sending you lots of hugs sweetiepie xxx
  • awww bless all you ladies old and new image

    we all deserve it so so much and im sorry for my whinge in a post

    im sure we'l get there but really wish i knew when or atleast get back to enjoying ttc

    i dont feel great at the min as i think my sex drive has went a little and will all this pre-meditated sex isnt helping,its takes the fun out of the whole thing doesnt it

    ah well sorry ladies i will kick myself up thee arse and get on wih it

    thanks for all your kind words xxx
  • Dont worry hun were all entitled to have a rant about it so get it all off your chest hun. I dont find ttc exciting anymore either & am feeling sad about it all cd1 doesnt help either!!!

    Big massive squeezes coming your way xxxxx
  • braw could do with a big hug thanks chick image

    oh i just noticed the word arse = a r s e was stared out whats that all about i no the F word was but its just a bum haha
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