major stress sorry its a long one!!!

just come home to my moody ugly bitch neighbour standing in the door way with her arms folded.

" can i have a word with you?" she said
" yes" i said
"last night when you came home you hit my car"

we both park on the kerb outside our houses. head light to head light.

she then carried on

" i have photographic eviendence and i will use it. look how close you have parked now. are you doing it on purpose out of spite?"

" no" i said

then she carried on moaning, so i got my bags out of the car and carried on unlocking my door and going into house.

" whats wrong, cant you have a mature conversation? "
i just ignored her. im not going to start tit for tat stuff.

then i rang hubby and started crying. dont want to be stressed due to being 4 + 1.

sorry. need to get it off my chest. had problems with her since we moved in nearly 4 years ago.


  • Oh bloody neighbours - who'd have 'em! Rant away all you like on here hun xx
  • TORCH HER CAR!!! The B!tch!!!!!

    Get up at midnight - get a bowl of water and a load of tissue and throw wet tissue at the car (from the window) - by morning it will be rock hard - let her photograph that!!!!!!! Then let her try and prove it was you!!!!

    What a cow - don't stress hun - you did the right thing! Let your hubby go sort it out - thats what men are for!


  • dont need this stress that this very early stage.
  • thanks guys!!! i can hear her now banging about. our walls are quite thin!!

    hubby said i should of said why i park on the kerb (so he can come on drive and not hit lamp post at the end of drive)

    i was not prepared for that at all.
  • PLAY LOUD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!


  • go and let the bitches tyres down!!
  • she's complained about our "loud" music before and our laminate stairs!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im just ignoring it. easier said then done!!!!!!! BITCH BITCH!!!!!!!
  • Grrrrrrr poor you! I hate neighbours - i dream of the day i live in a big house in a big field with NO neighbours. We have arguments with them about parking. Its very hard to park in our street and once my friend parked outside next door when she came round. When next door tried to park round the corner she hit a lampost then her oh screamed at me and my friend in the street that it was our fault!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with the wet tissue paper.
  • she works shifts so knowing my luck i would hit her with it!!!
  • Yeah see MKT agrees - wet tissue paper - aim for the windscreen!!!!

    Well if she already complains about your loud music - then do it some more!!! Go have a bath - whilst you in there play music loud so you can hear if from the lounge!!!!!

  • ill just rub her nose in it when i have my baby bump. when the baby cries ill hold it up close to the wall!!!1
  • Ask to see the photo and then say as you know you didn't hit her she must have driven into your car and therefore you will be claiming any damage from her.
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