CM- TMI i am sorry

Sorry girls this is nastry but I just checked my cm and it;s a little brown but is wet and is a little stringy not loads though?? Is this right. i have just finsihed I think my first real AF since coming off the pill and am on CD7?

K xx


  • I cant help I'm afraid as I have never checked mine just after af but mine has been like that a day before af has started.
  • hi not going to be any help but im on cd5 and have noticed the same thing about an hour ago im hoping this means the end of af and my body getting ready to ov
  • Oh god your joking!!! I felt wet so thats why I checked as I though you were meant to be dry after AF?? though i am not bleeding anymore at all?? I have very very tiny brown bits in my cm though. Man I am so lost image i am meant to be ov starting this wed ;-(k xx
  • i thought id started bleeding again as i havnt had a heavy one this time i dont really have any idea when im going to ov this month normally a 28-29 cycle but was 31 this month but it was my first real af since coming off the pill
  • Have you tried teming K-Lou? I am going to start when my AF arrives (unless she gracefully decides to stay away).

    By temping you can pin point when you are ovulating.

    This link is about charting -
    This is about cm -

  • CD7 seem quite early for fertile CM. If you think about normal cycle 28 days ov day is usually day 14 so you would expect CM a few days before this. Fertile CM is usually like raw egg white quite transparent and very stretchy. According to babycentre website your most fertile day is around the last day of this stage. It's difficult to tell if you're just coming off the pill. Babycentre website also has ovulation predictor based on your cycle length. This could help you.

    I know using the CM and ov test strips (UNITEST from Wilkinsons) helped me out. 27+4 and in the home stretch!!

    Good luck!!!
  • Thanks hun I don;t think i am ov right now though I am due to ov next friday that will be CD14 though I am just worried as I thought after your af you were meant to be dry as it says on this link but I am not I still have cm and it's a little tsringy not EWCM how it is meant to be when you OV but maybe a few days before??

    K xxx
  • I think it could still be the pill messings things up for you. I haven't had any, af finished on CD 6, now CD 10. xx
  • Thank hun I hardly have any now and what I do have is white so I am hoping that is the end of that!! LOL

    K xx
  • I don't think CM should be worried about unless it's not clear or white! At the end of the day some women get EWCM, some don't. Ov still happens. xx
  • I get this after AF for a few days, even when I was on the pill!! I have been led to believe it is just the last bits of AF coming out! More spotting than reall AF!! i am sure you are fine and can start BD after Friday!!
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