hi girlies, i have a few sets of twins in my family, i was wondering if any of u girlies have a ny tips on how to conceive twins? ive read lots of milk can help. any tips girls? or is this something thats all just down to nature? i would LOVE twins! xxxx

p.s i know im being a bit far fetched just wondered if there was anthing i could do to increase my chances? xxx


  • Just had to reply to this as I've heard milk too! MIL drank loads of milk and then conceived ID twins! I think if you take extra folic acid that can help you have twins x x x
  • i did think that littlewolf, just luck, but ive read quite a few times now that a high dairy diet and milk increases ur chances, so thought i would ask. mite as well give it a go! thanks sugar n spice. is it safe to take more folic acid than the recommended? do either of u know?
  • You can't OD on folic acid hun. I know it says 400 (1 tablet) on the box but google it. What your body doesn't need it will get rid of in your urine. I'm taking extra as I read it was a good idea to do so after a m/c. Certain foods deplete the body of folic acid anyway, so It's best too have too much of it rather than not enough. x x x
  • ooo ok then! thanks, i didnt no that! image xxx
  • I've read that Yams may help.
  • yams???? whats that? lol
  • I've read yams too, but they are very hard to get hold of and you have to eat a tonn of them to make a difference, lol!! I think it's a type of fruit found in Africa. Correct me if I'm wrong though girls x x x
  • o ok? so im guessing the wont do them in my local tesco? lol thanks for replying girlies xxx
  • ok thanks littlewolf, will let the heavens decide! lol, so wont take xtra folic acid just in case, will just drink more milk! cant go wrong really then! even if it dont work! i think im just wishful thinking really!? would be nice tho! x
  • If you have lots in your family you are more likely to get them anyway, as it comes down on the girls side; the egg splitting is a genetic trait, or so I was told (we have quite a few on our side so they warned me I would be more prone to twins!) Thankfully just the one, although I did think twins would be nice for a while; meant it made my decisions to quit work after maternity a lot easier as I wouldn't have been able to afford the childcare at all!! But it is more expensive, especially for start up costs as you need two of practically everything!!

    Milk is one I've heard of as well, so might as well try it! xxx
  • its all donwn to luck really, non identical twins come from the woman releasing two eggs, and either that comes naturally or u'll have to take ivf type hormones, identical twins come from the egg once fertilised splitting into two, and nothing detremines this except nature, completely random. also twins on the mans side is not inherited as the only inherited form of twins is non id, and then it wld have to be the womans side as its her who wld release two eggs. my brother and sister are twins, so my mum released two eggs, and my sister has twice fallen pregnant with twins but both times she's lost one, so i guess it cld happen for us. also Oh's dad was a twin, and my dad and twin siblings, btu like i said they don't effect it at all.
  • totally random i know but i have tons of twins on my side of the family, my nan was a twin and she gave birth to twin girls (my aunties /my mums sisters) my hubby is a twin and so i his mum and his nan. hubby's twin sister has had twins xx so defo agree that is runs through the women xxx
  • My mum has twin brothers and my dad has twin sisters. Hubby's dad has twins in his family too. I hope they don't run in families!
  • so will just hope and drink milk! lol xxxxx thanks girlies x
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