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Hi girls

I'm sorry to be so glum, but I just feel so low today. Hubby is in a mood for no reason and I just don't feel very positive today. Supposed to be working on my masters today too. Not testing until next week (af due on the 10th). I just don't feel like it has worked this month. We did everything possible, SMEP, pre seed but I just have a feeling it hasn't worked.

Been having contract probs at work and it just seems to have knocked my confidence, I hate feeling like this.

Sorry about my moan, just needed to vent.

V x


  • (((((Vicsy))))) So sorry you are feeling down. TTC (and especially the 2WW) really is hard at times isn't it? I really do hope tomorrow is a much better day for you and you feel happier soon. Sending big hugs and PMA your way. xxx
  • Ah hun it does get you down I KNOW and you feel as though nothing is going to go right for you. Is OH feeling a bit of pressure maybe? I was feeling a bit donw last week and DH and I were arguing constantly. In the end it turned out he felt pressured as we hadnt got pregnant yet (been trying for last 11 months).
    Whats going on with contracts? What type of contracts are they?

  • (((((Hugs)))),

    You're just having a bad day vicsy and we're all allowed to have those!
    There's no reason why this month won't be your month and as kerri-ann says until af comes there's every chance you'll get your bfp.

    Get yourself a mammoth bar of chocolate and enjoy a cosy evening relaxing and chilling out

  • Ah thanks girls. You have really made me feel
    much better. I think you are all right oh is just feeling it too.

    Jay, I've been on an honorarium for just over four years and it was supposed to be made perm but report has just sat on someones desk since jan so have to wait for it to be approved. Just worried that with elections and stuff something could happen and it be turned down. It's about 600 a month for us so quite. Substantial amount. I'm worrying which is stopping me sleep which makes me feel worse. Never mind enough of my moaning.

    Thank you so much for your support girls, you definately made
    me feel better. Boot camp tomorrow will help x x x
  • How you feelin today hun any better? Has oh cheeered up yet? xx
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