What the feck is going on? :roll:

Hi everyone - well a little update from me, af was 11 days late and then I had a small random bleed no af pain, light bleed didnt feel or look like my usual af, dec's was exactly the same.

My stomach is so swollen and hard like a rock its upsetting because people know we are trying and have commented on the weight I have put on.

Endless BFN's some faint lines, realised I had a BFP on 31st Jan when I zoomed in on a pic I took on my camera.

Following the doctors advice I have put another urine sample in today and will hopefully have my results. Today I have had pain in my stomach not agonising but am uncomfy feeling and like I said above I feel and look like I have a swollen belly!! It starts from under my boobs too.

I do suffer from IBS but havent had an attack since 2007 so doubt it could be that, also have CM when I wipe that has gone back to being watery.

I really hope the doctor sends me for a blood test or a scan because am now panicking that there could be something wrong with me. Could I be ov again so early in my cycle?

I still feel sick on and off, feel warm, burping alot etc and have had bowel problems!!

Sorry to rant just so sick of this now seen as how its been going on since 21st Dec am just pig sick.

Forgot to say I won't be on for a few days over the weekend, going to London to see Dirty Dancing and have a TTC free weekend!! I really need the break so does poor hubby!!

Congrats to any BFP's recently and hope to speak to you when I have a update from docs. I think I need to go back and see the doc face to face. Also I dont even know why they are testing I dropped the sample off today and the receptionist said to me what type of test is it and I said urine and she said yes but what are they testing for and I replied well am not a doctor why dont you find out, I didnt mean to be snotty with the receptionist but she said if they dont put a label on they wont test so now I think maybe the doc isnt even testing for pregnancy but testing my hormones??

Dont know why she is testing my hormones because she never said so am assuming they know what they are doing but I dont hold much faith, they dont seem to realise that its my body and I know whats going on with it and they keep saying oh just wait till next month, well how many more months have to pass before they will take it further.

I just feel so sick of TTC and its only been 2 months but just feel like I havent had a positive experience so far, people keep saying to me it could be the pill when have been off that 8 months and I dont think it would be affecting me this much now, more so when you come off the pill am I right??

Sorry for the rant and rave!! Babydust to all and BFP's all round :lol:


  • Aww sweetheart you're really having a bad time of it. Wish I could give you a hug!

    The swollen stomach things sounds really odd...all your symptoms point to BFP but as your tests are coming back BFN its very confusing. Can you ring your doc in the morning and ask her what she is testing for? At least then if she wasn't planning on testin you for pregnancy you can complain and see if you can get that added to whatever she is testing...even if it means dropping off another sample.
    How long will it take for the results? Is it a standard week?

    Really hope they bring you some good news. Try not to think about it this weekend and have a wonderful time in London.

    Sorry I'm not any help! Just didn't want to R&R.
    Keep your chin up and the PMA alive and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the restults for you hon xxx
  • Aw Garfield hun am just so fed up dont know what to think I should get my results on Thur I would have thought but I read on here that hospitals test 50miu and if am not getting a BFP on SD test at 10miu well its going to come back negative thats why I feel she needs to take bloods and maybe send me for a scan.

    I would take a pic of my belly but have lost my charger for my camera and had to order a new one to come in time for london so I can take a few piccys!!

  • I think you're just gonna have to keep on at her until she relents and gives you that scan hon. Something is definately not right.

    Just wish I could give you answers or a magic wand or something!
    I can't imagine what you're going through so won't pretend to understand how you're feeling, I know that can make it worse! But I'm here daily if you ever need a rant/chat/cry & feel free to PM me if you need to.

    Are you still testing at home or have you given up on that score?

    Hope the charger arrives in time for London!
    Kel xxx
  • Hope everything goes ok, was reading you post the other day.
    Its horrible all the waiting and we have only just started.
    Hope everything is good on Thursday and have a fab weekend in London x
  • Hope everything goes ok, was reading you post the other day.
    Its horrible all the waiting and we have only just started.
    Hope everything is good on Thursday and have a fab weekend in London x
  • Hi hun,

    Yeah was testing with SD tests with FMU over the weekend every other day and no apparent lines but then I thought I was going through the rigmarole of seeing lines again so decided to bin them straight away and not look at them after the time line.

  • Probably for the best, otherwise you start seeing things that aren't there! Doesn't make it any easier though.
  • hi ya sparkling diamond ive been in a situation just the same this last few weeks i had a bleed that was bright red just on tissue paper that is had lots of af like pains about the same time as you as i have been following your posts then nothing for a week then brown discharge just when wiping more pains bloating all the time feeling just not right then few day later period but not like normal at all and since ive had constant discharge and again still af like pains and bloating but negative all the time hope you find out wots going on
  • hey sparkling - been following your story from afar.

    I also suffer from IBS and get a bloated stomach, rock hard, from under my boobs downwards. If it was a bean (and i'm not being mean saying this but I really don't want you getting your hopes up over nothing) then your tummy would be hard and swollen below your belly button.

    Forgot to say - if you are having bowel problems, especially constipation, that will be another reason for a hard stomach.

    I really hope the doctor can find the answer to your missing Afs etc.........I know its not what you want to hear but all this stress and worry you are putting yourself under is not going to help matters and will just keep messing Af up - you'd be amazed at what stress can do to your body.

    I don't mean to be negative but it must be heartbreaking for you being in limbo.

    Hope I haven't offended you - just wanted to give you another side of the coin.

    PP84 x

    also wanted to add, I hope it really is your BFP being quiet x

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  • Hi all,

    MrsPP84 thanks hun, yeah I suffer from IBS but the bloatedness and rock hard stomach is below my belly button only it could be stress related or my IBS playing up.

    Well the doctor decided to put my urine forward for a pregnany test and its negative again so I am resigned to the fact that I am not pregnant now but am worried about the bloatedness. Am going to try going back on buscopan for a few days and am going to wait now and see if I get my next af on time or if I dont get one then I think I will be going back to the doctors for some answers.

    The receptionist didnt say the doctor wanted to see me or anything so am assuming I cant get an appointment so in the meantime going to London for the weekend, going to take each day as it comes and hopefully when I do get a BFP it will show first time and there will be none of this carry on with it!

    Dont worry am not offended hun its just one of those things that nature wont rush.

  • ok phew - didn't want to offend you - just offer another view that didn't get your hopes up.

    My IBS is always triggered my stress or anxiety - it can leave me horribly bloated and in serious pain - not to mention no bowel movements. Perhaps your IBS is flaring up because of the missing AFs/BFNs etc - it can definately happen.

    Just noticed on another thread your off to London for the weekend, you'll have a fab time, will be brilliant for you to get your mind off things and relax. Plus Dirty dancing is awesome - I went for my hen weekend last August - would defo go again!

    Good luck hon, i'll keep fingers crossed your BFP is around the corner - just make a moosive effort if you can to try and forget about it all for a while image

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