I know this is disgusting but...

....you all know what i am like by now!!!

I got an OV microscope today and was fascinated when i saw my saliva :lol: BUT then it got me thinking. Is it disgusting to think how good it would be to put some of OH's sperm on the lens and see if they are awake properly???

I wouldn't do it (i dont think) as i have to lick the bloody thing but it is tempting!!!

I am not sick i promise image

tink xxx


  • Oh that has made me laugh so much!!!!
  • :lol: i aim to please. I am sure i wouldn't actually do it, well OH wouldn't let me but it is sooooo tempting!! Just so i can see for myself!!!
  • How cool would that be though if you could see them all wriggling about! x
  • Hmmm going to have to check how powerful the microscope is in the chemistry set I got for Christmas one year.....sure it's in the loft somewhere! pmsl

    Failing that I have a chemistry module in the labs this semester......just need to get my hands on a specimen pot!
  • :lol: Tink I would go and get another one and just keep putting all sorts of random stuff under there :lol: OH's swimmers would have to be done just so I knew I'd tried :lol: DO IT!!! xx
  • That's not disgusting, I bet you my Husband would be up for it. He would kill me for saying this but that kind of thing fascinates him. I'd do it just for a laugh!!!
  • oooooo do it!!!!!! I would :lol: I'd love to see them swimming about, think it might freak h2b out a little though if I followed him about requesting a "sample" :P x
  • Lol Tink, you are too funny!!!! xx
  • It is tempting but i may give it a miss as i have to lick the thing everyday image

    You can buy alsorts from access diagnostics though, whether they work i do not know but they do a DIY sperm count for ??19.99 :O

  • Heheheh! At least you don't have to wait six weeks for the result this way! xx
  • ooohhh - made me smile on a grey day! I'd definately do it - even if I knew I couldn't see them - at least I'd have a try. I think I'd be like BroodyBeth and end up putting all sorts of stuff underneath to have a nosey

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