15 Months of trying and still nothing!!!

Hello, just wondering wether there is anyone else who has been trying for about the same time as me?
I have had some blood tests to test my hormone levels and they are fine, my partner has had his sperm tested and we should get the results tommorow. I have an appointment in June in which my doctor should be refering me to the hospital but i am not sure what to expect, is anyone else going through the same thing?


  • Hi bell

    Im on month 15 too, i've had blood tests done and oh has had his sperm done, got first appointment with fertility hospital in 2weeks really nervous about it. So il let you know how i get on and what happens.

    Mean while im here if you wanna talk or moan or have a good old rant (had a few of them the past few months). lol

    jen xx
  • hey all..im on month 13 too...i had a miscarriage back in january but thats all...right now im on my 2ww and hoping for a more positive outcome this month...
    actually im finding it really really hard and it doesnt get any easier image
    hopefully we will all get our bfps soon..
  • jen24, thanx for your message, would be great to find out what happens with your appointment as then i will know what to expect when i have mine in June. Going to Turkey in a week which should help to keep mind off things ad that. Nice to hear from someone in same situation as myself. Goodluck for your apointment and hope to hear from you soon.x
  • I have not used any contraception since my lo was born 18mths ago. got a bfp end of march, but mc almost 2 weeks ago. Getting p****d off now, and worried too. : (
  • Hi month 13 for us, I've just done a post about a test I am having through the fertility clinic on the 11th June. Xxx
  • hi bell

    No probs. Goodluck to you too and enjoy your holiday.

    jen xx
  • Hi Bell,
    Sorry to hear that it has taken 15mths hun... hope all your test come back okay.

    Im TTC for #1 for 21mths now. We get all our results in July, we had DH semen analysis, and i had HSG scan and hormone level blood test.

    AF is due tomorrow, but going to try to keep my mind diverted until i get the results.

    Have a lovely holiday hun... hope it feels better knowing there are others playing the waiting game!! Loads of babydust to you hun...xx
  • Hi Bell23, we have just been referred to the clinic. So far blood and sperm tests have come back okay. Had my first appointment at clinic last week and although I am definitely ovulating I need to have a scan for follicle tracking tracking and they have also said I should have a laparoscopy & dye test. Although I am VERY annoyed that the witch has found me I feel that at least I might know more soon about why I haven't fallen pregnant yet and hopefully can do something about it. I am still hoping that it might just happen anyway, before any more tests. I hope I haven't worried you with the test info. I have read about women falling pregnant whilst waiting for tests because they are more relaxed and feel something is being done. Sorry to go on!!
    I wish you the very best and hope you get BFP soon x
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