opks or cbfm

I've been lurking for a while. Got a questions for you. I've been using opk's for a while now and never had a positive. I read somewhere that some women don't, but i'm a worrier and i'm worrying. I am overweight which may be affecting ovulating but i'm dieting like a demon to shift the extra. Hubby said maybe its the fact they're ebay cheapies and why don't we get a clear blu fertility monitor. Just wondering if any ladies use one and if you'd recommend it?

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  • Hi Hun,

    Firstly welcome to BE image

    Secondly, I've got a CBFM and am soo in love with it :lol: The first cycle I got it, I got my BFP (sadly it wasn't meant to be) but it takes all the guess work out of when I was ov as I really didn't have a clue.

    I brought mine of ebay pretty cheap, but I'm sure that they're on offer at the min on Amazon. I would definetly take a look there first if you decide to invest in one. In my opinion - more than worth the money

  • Hi Nilo,
    I used internet cheapies this month.

    Just a thought, what sensitivity are they? I know you can get 20 and 30 miu.
    Also what time of the day are you testing? I tested twice a day but only got a +ve with fmu.

    I know some ladies never got a true +ve with them but they did get darker around ov - does your test line ever get darker?
  • They're 30miu, i think. I either get a very feint line or nothing at all, never had a darker line.
    Thanks for the advice, i think i might get one while they're on offer, they're only ??54 on amazon at the moment and ??12 for the sticks. Think a cbfm would work if the internet ones don't?
  • If you're after a cbfm then that seems a good deal - they usually go for around that second hand on ebay.

    I've been using the 20miu as they're more sensitive:
  • I would swear by my CBFM . I am on month two a a little confused until it gets used to me but its great.

    Got mine from ebay for ??50.00 and got 10 stick included.
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