early preg test

can we test at 10 dpo and come out with a bfp? it jst seems early to me


  • You can and MAY get a BFP but its safer to wait. If you are going for an early test I recommend FR. Good luck xxx
  • i got bfp at 11dpo with FR, clearblue, tesco and Superdrug
    however like *babylove* says now i'd always wait as i started spotting 2 days later and had a full bleed at 14 dpo (so when af was due). Def think it's better to wait, however loads of girls have tested early and everything's ben fine! xx
  • I got my BFP with our ds 10dpo but I have a short luteal phase, like the others have said I'd try to hold out until AF is due x
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