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I know some ladies on here do not use the CBFM. My doc obviously knows me and my OH are TTC as we go see him for certain things. Anyway, before i got the CBFM he said to me as long as you have sex every 2-3 days you will always have that chance of catching the egg (i didnt know when i OV'd at the time because of irregular periods).

I just wanted to add that comment as i read quite a few threads from ladies who use opk's and aren't sure when they OV or ladies who just go by BBT and CM.

So ladies if you just BD every 2-3 days then you will always be in with a chance image



  • Not only in with a good chance - but a lot of fun trying too! ;\)

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  • lol arls0308.

    i think its a good way to go, sometimes i wish i never found out about ov and stuff, when i fell with my daughter we bd every couple of days all through the month but this time round i keep timing everything.
  • Me too. The anal part of me loves all the chartinga nd POAS-ing, but I think it makes the month go really slowly. Plus, charting isn't always true, according to FF, I was due to ov tomorrow and this morning my dotted line appeared on it to say I probably ov'd on Monday! - I'm torn between being gutted and annoyed!
  • oh i know hun, im exactly the same i quite like charting and stuff but hate the knowing.lol.
  • That's a really good post! So i'm not going to bother with finding out when I ovulate and just have fun. Christmas is coming!!! x
  • Well myself and my OH just BD 3-4 times a week and then a lot during my peak on CBFM. I got my CBFM mainly to see if i do ovulate etc but i do believe getting pregnant is just something that happens when it is your time and i know soooooo many people who have been TTC and then once they have "given up" they get pregnant because there is no stress there. I know if i OV around CD17 again this month then i will always, whether i am TTC or not be thinking ooh i OV around now lets BD!!!!

    I hope no one thinks i was trying to tread on toes, it was just something helpful my doc told me, especially for people who get so upset etc!!!! xx
  • I have to say i am a cbfm lover! I know there's no stress of if/when i'm ovulating and for me having to bd every 2-3 days could become a bit of a chore! I like to bd as and when we feel like it but when hit that peak we are at it like rabbits!

    I would be more stressed not knowing if I was ov or not but I know that for some people the charting and ov testing i sv stressful x x
  • Thats what we try to do hun. Good tip and i'm sure the husbands will love you for it hehehe!
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