when should i test again?

:\? i took a cbd test on sat, bfn... but still not feeling right at all, still feels like af is on her way and i keep feeling dizzy i was trying to wait a few weeks really because i keep getting my hopes up but i just feel wierd, i keep running to the bathroom expecting to see something because thats how it feels like its here but its not and its driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:


  • i would try and leave it a few days,the symptoms are same as mine and i got my bfp yesterday so it does sound good,its not over till the old hag turns up,keeping my fingers crossed

  • I know how you feel.
    I was due due AF on Saturday, done 2 tests and still BFN.

    I also do not feel great, felt quite sick and dizzy over the weekend. I feel like im jinxing it by talking about it, but I guess what will be will be.
    Ive got white trousers on at work today so I hope AF doesnt show up!!
  • well i was gonna do the white trousers but i dont know if i dare? x lol
  • I feel like its my way os aying to my body "make up you rmind - either make me pregnant or bring AF on so I can get it out the way and start trying again"!!!

    I cant concentrate at work at all.
    Im thinking of waiting untill wednesday before taking another test as last month I was 4 days late, so maybe my cycle is getting longer?
  • i dont know, i had a very light bleed last tuesday until weds morning but it was almost non existent, it was 2 days early if it was af, i had nothing since, i know exactly what you mean the thing is this has never happened before so i am so confused and anxious, i wanted to wait until next time to test about 24th july but i dont think i can x
  • it is very confusing isnt it!?
    I dont think I could wait untill 24th July to find out!
    But it costs a fortune to keep testing so im trying to be a bit more patient.
  • this impatient thing isnt going to end you know even at a bfp!! next it will be the birth then it will be solids then it will walking etc...... lol
  • Ive always been impatient!
    I was the same with the wedding - desperate for the day to come and now im desperate to do it all again!
    And its only 4 weeks ago!!
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