The Insane Gang - The Lucky Chapter

Hi girls.

How are you all? I hope you don't mind but I thought it was time we got rid of our bad chapter. We all go through them in life which some of us recently have and i thought that maybe we needed to give it a helping hand. I hope you don't mind.

I will catch up properly later as on my phone. So sorry ladyt though that your ad came along. Let's hope we have a luckier month this month

V x x image

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  • ooo liking the lucky chapter, new thread, new pic, new name. hopefully we get some luck this month ladybird image
  • Hi ladies,

    Can i join in? I really really need some luck somewhere along the line! I brought a cbfm this month but haven't ov'd until cd29 so what a waste of money and time that was grrr!!!

    I'm now 1dpo and cd30 image Anyone got any tips on regulating cycles??

    I hope to see some BFPs soone, i think it's been abit quiet on the BFP front just lately round here. Back in Jan/Feb/March there were loads!

    Good luck
  • welcome image omgosh that is a late ov!? yeah hevnt seen as many bfp' about lately, hopefully this thread brings us all luck, all the girls on here are lovely and supportive image
  • Ooooh am loving the new name / new thread! went on the other one and wondered what they were talking about!

    Welcome Lady2188 lovely to have you ... all the ladies on here are very friendly so you should feel well at home!

    Jen x
  • Ahh thanks ladies! Yeah hopefully this will be lucky and at least some of us can move over to pregnancy!

    I've been and brought a vitamin b complex supplement today as this is supposed to help regulate cycles. One of the ladies who recently got her BFP recommended it and right now i'll give anything a go!

    I also brought some starflower oil (also recommended by some ladies on here) but i don't think i can start taking it until after AF in case i managed to be fertalised this month :lol:

    Where are all of you ladies on your cycle?

  • 'to be fertilised' lol. love it, i was thinking of getting a few suppliments aswell, i already take folic acid of coarse, and then wanted to get evening primrose for me and hubs as its goot for reproductive system apparently? and also zinc is good for men too? imworried if i start taking all these tho, i will like od on vitimins? do u reckon its possible to overdo it and lessesn ur chances? its hard to no what to do?

    ooo and im not sure what cd im on today, should be ov'ing in a week or so tho, trying to chill out this month rather than count days, see if it works image xxxx

    lol jen hope ur well image xxxxx
  • Whoops, I have just seen this! I just send a long reply to everyone on the old thread but will use this one now image Vicsy, I love the new name/pic!

    Also, welcome Lady2188! great to have you in the thread and let's hope it is a lucky one all round!

    Must go and eat fish and chips now but speak soon! xxx
  • Hey girls...Can anyone join in?

    Hey Jennifuree...How's you, long time no speak? I'm still around unfortunately.

    Sorry to g/c into your gang...hope you don't mind, just many of the people I got to know on here have moved onto a DI forum...which is excellent for them...not so good for me!


  • double post xx

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  • Only just noticed this so posted my big reply on old one - will copy it across!

    Welcome curls - the more the merrier! xx
  • Copied over from old thread:

    ah ladyT glad your break didn't last too long! And glad your pma is back - And Tilty and Mrs *me* it will happen for you and when it does it'll be all the more special because you waited for it.

    Susiee - glad your back and still have your pma and yey for Primark. i have a plan to avoid buying maternity tops for a while I'm going to stock up on cheap long T shirts from primark in a ocuple of sizes up and use them. They're so cheap it doesn't matter if they stretch.

    I'm feeling a bit low today as had to take one of our dogs to the vet as he had a bad front leg and had to have some x-rays. Was fully expecting them to say he had pulled a muscle or something but was gutted to be told that he has very bad arthritus in all 4 elbows and very bad in his hips. He's not quite 4 yet so is very very young to get this. Has to be on medication and special food for life and we've been told he will probably only have 2 years, 3 at most left before the pain gets too much and we have to pput him down. So he's likely to only live to be 6 or 7. We are gutted and on top of this now have to find about ??120 every month to cover his treatment and food. So have had to have a glass of wine to cheer myself up - hopefully baby understands! But at least we are prepared now and hopefully the treatment makes it less painful for as long as possible for him.

    Sorry for putting a downer on the thread but I know those of you who have dogs or cats understand how heartbreaking it is.

    Vicsy - love the new name by the way - how are you feeling?

  • Ladybird - just saw your reply on old thread - it's great that you have lots of positive stories to help you through this and that your boss is being so good. Do you know when you get your resluts back?
    And love the new thread, it always gets a bit annoying when you can't just click on page you want on main forum if the pages go on for ever so well done you for sorting it out and I really hope the new thread and colour will be lucky for lots on here.

    Thanks also for support on dog - though it's nothing compared to what you are going through. will look into the cod liver oil, someone also suggested those copper bands people can wear so might try that too.

  • Hi girls

    Welcome Curls and Lady2188. You're not g/c all are welcome.

    I hope you don't mind, but I've started a new thread as I thought this one was getting a little long and thought we could do with a new wave of luck. Which leads to my new name and pic, I love ladybirds and they are supposed to be really lucky, so I thought it would be appropriate hope it might help us.

    Kernow, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, there is nothing worse than having a pet thats poorly. At least with it's medication, he will be none the wiser. I'm sure I heard someone giving their dog cod liver oil or something like that that helps thier joints. Definately worth looking into. I bet you can't wait to have the summer holidays off, you will go back to work blooming. I've just realised too your pic is a pasty - lol I thought it was a crocodile, no idea why lol.

    Tilty, lucky you having fish and chips, and excellent news that you are still having the relaxed approach. It does make things so much more enjoyable and less stressful. I think you always know at the back of your mind where you are but it makes things easier.

    Susieee, good to hear from you petal. My e-mail is stupid, did you get mine saying thank you for the package and card. It was so nice of you to send it through. Thank you. How's things with you now? Has doc took bloods and have they said what they plan to do? Your weekend sounds lovely too. I really like primark bedding, its really reasonable and washes lovely (my I sound like my mam) he he.

    LadyT, glad that you feel better after your day of moping, it always helps doesn't it? It's rough when af comes but I think that a little bit of tlc and self pampering and it definately helps. Planning some snowboarding definately sounds like a good plan. I think it's good to have a back up plan just to take some of the pressure off.

    Bubblicious, how exciting moving house. I bet you can't wait. Maybe your bfp is just waiting for you to get all settled. Wouldn't that be lovely?

    Jen, how are you feeling petal? Not long now before you scan, I bet you can't wait. Will you put your scan pic on when you have it?

    MrsMe, how are you? Thank you for the flowers, they were lovely. So where are you at? I don't think the supplements you suggested won't hurt, as long as you don't take multi vits too, they I would think they'll be fine. I'm sure the evening primrose will just mean your hubs won't get pmt - he he, sorry, I'm not good at jokes, they sound much better in my head - lol.

    Well as for me, still feel completely wiped out after docs appointment on Friday. Just waiting for the days to tick down to see what clinic says. I have a feeling my bmi is way too high so I'm looking at reducing that asap. I also found an infertility forum that had lots of positive stories about men with no sperm. I am obviously hoping that hubby just had bad appointment but have an awful feeling that my bad luck is just stretching across every part of my life.

    I told my boss about everything and he was really shocked (I never wanted children and he was aware of this) but at the same time he was very good. I told him that we may be told next week it was the end of the line and wanted him to be aware of how I maybe feeling. He did say that I should take whatever time off I need including the 2 ww if we have to got for ivf. I really don't know what will happen but he also said work need to be aware as they need to stop loading stress on me as they are now and said he would support any sickness I take. I thought this was all very nice of him. So I suppose that is one thing I don't have to worry about. Saying all of that though, hubby is certain his ex was pregnant at least twice in their relationship (first time was 18 years ago) but pregnant none the less (she lost it) so i suppose that is a good sign really.

    Anyway, enough of my waffle. Hope you all don't mind the new thread, if you do, let me know and I will remove it.

    ps - where is everyone at, just so we have a rough idea,

    Speak soon

    V xxx
  • Hi Kernow,

    Our appointment is on Tuesday and I think they will repeat the sperm test and I'm not quite sure what else to be honest. My sis used to work on reception at a clinic and she said that it will last about 2 hours as have to go through history and they have to check for child protection issues and all kinds. Not sure what tests they will do for me but doc did mention ICSI and IVF so we'll see. Knowing my luck I'll end up with two - lol, which we have said we won't mind.

    Your poorly dog is just as important as my problems petal, our pets are a huge part of our lives.

    I do hope that this thread brings some luck.

    Fingers crossed xxxx
  • Oooh I love it when new people join! Welcome Lady2188 and curls.

    I am on CD3 month 7 of TTC. Had a mope when AF came as I thought that we'd been sucessful this month but not to be (again). Am now all PMA'd up for the next month. I'm 34 and hoping for first bubba to come along soon.

    We've had lots of luck on our thread so far - Kernow and Jen are both pregnant (and we love it that they stick around to keep our chins up!) and hopefulmummy was also sucessful. Like Ladybird said, we've had a few quiet months on the TTC front so hopefully we are due some more good luck soon.
  • Ahhh you're all so lovely, thanks for the big welcome for us newbies image Just thought i'd let you know abit about me, i fell pg using the withdrawal method in Apri when we weren't really trying (obviously) l and mc'd beginning of May. I'm now on cycle 2 since mc! Full on UPSI and nothing!! Typical!

    Lol MrsMe, i knew i'd spelt fertilised wrong but i couldn't work out how it was supposed to be spelt :lol: I sometimes worry about od'ing lol! I posted about od'ing on folic acid the other week! I stopped taking EPO because i weren't sure if it was safe. Everything just says consult your GP on the pack! I might have to start popping that again then tonight! I'll be rattling soon image

    Hi Kernow, congrats on your beanie!! I know what you mean about your dog! I love my little dog, he's like my baby at the minute bless him! What dog have you got?

    Ladybird, as a thread gatecrasher i'm not 100% sure of your story but it sounds as though you're having a tough time! I hope you have some good news soon!

    LadyT i know what you mean. I was convinced we'd done it last month, my nipples were sore and cramps etc but then AF showed up!

    Is anyone else watching that sex ed show on channel 4? The good old, "it only takes one time so make sure you use contraception" line was just said. Makes me laugh! If only eh?!

  • Susiee, petal sounds good to me. What tablets are you giving Hubby? I think I'll get some for hubs. Have you been referred to specialist? X I've always wanted to have reiki done I really believe alternative therapy works x x
  • Hi Susie, Lots of people have recommended AC but i thought it was only for lp problems as oppose to ov? As far as i'm aware my lp is 14 days (although i wouldn't be on it) it's just the huge wait from AF to OV i think is the problem.

    But then this is the first month tracking my cycles so i'm not 100% on my lp either!


  • Hiya ladies!

    Hey Curls! have been looking for you since Looby and MrsC got their BFPs but you seemed to have disappeared! I think I read somewhere you were on hols so I hope you had a nice relxing time and have come back with lots of lovely PMA! Its lovely to have you here xxx

    Kernow: am so sorry bout your doggy hun - they are our babies aswell aren't they - apparently acupunture for doggies really foes help their pain and one of my friends sweared it extended her dog's life by years - so heres hoping you find a solution that suits and am sure baby enjoyed the wine lol

    LadyT: Am glad you couldn't stay away hun as our thread isn't the same without everyone here xxx

    Tilty: Didn't go and read your post on the other thread - but am glad you're still being the queen of chillville! and am loving the idea of fish and chips we are havingsome on thurs so will look forward to mine then!

    Susiee: Yay for ov'ing! am sure its the reiki and the PMA hun as it works wonders xx

    Ladybird: Hiya hun am so glad you decided to carry on chatting as thought you might disappear. Am glad you have found a forum with info and positive stories as sometimes you need people who understand how you are feeling because they are going through it too - not that we are not here - will try to do our best xxxx and have my fingers crossed foryou for a good rresult on tuesday xxx

    Mrsme: nearly missed you there as you wereby the top! am loving the relxed approach hun - that and you pill popping and you'll ahve a bfp in no time! xx

    Lady2188: I am Jen and am 10+1 weeks pg am due 31st Jan but hang around here talking to my lovelies as I can't bare to leave them! I have my 12 week scan on 15th july and as soon as I can work it out I will put a piccy on here (fingers crossed all going well)

    Am having to go to mothercare tomorrow as my bra is getting really uncomfortable so will get myself measured for a new one! first time ever as normally just buy the next size up but figured I might as well get some 'proper' ones this time lol

    Am loving the new thread and the new people I reckon we'll have lots of bfps very soon and with that lovely ladies am going to bed!

    Jen xxxxxx
  • Hi girls.

    How is everyone today? I don't mean to bring everyone down but i'm now wondering if we should just give up the whole ttc. Don't know if I'm strong enough for ivf and the very low chance of success. Think I may be having an off day.

    Lots of babydust to all x x
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