Still no AF :-(

Hiya! AF was due on Friday but still not here, despite promising myself I wouldn't test again I did and got a BFN image getting so wound up, I wouldn't mind if I had irrergular cycles neway but I don't image xx


  • hi hun i did a test today and BFN aswell im only 10DPO but not holding out much hope!!! how long are your cycles normally?
  • 25 days normally and today is CD29 I have only used the cheapy dipstick tests but think I'm clutching at straws now xx
  • aww i now how you feel i really dont think we are but its so hard to keep your hopes up isnt it!! if felt down for about 5 days now! ill keep my fingers crossed for you hun xxxxx
  • You're still in with a pretty good chance BroodyKate it may be just too early for your BFP to show!
  • I totally understand how frustrating it is, but leave it a couple of days and test again. I know it's hard but don;t count yourself as out until AF arrives xx
  • I think I'm gonna buy a new test and test tommorow or wed with FMU - thanks ladies xxxxx
  • Hi hun, I know how you 6 days late and still got a BFN this morning! its so frustrating isnt it. I was also using the cheapy dipstick tests, im going to get a first response and test wednesday. hope we both get a BFP x x
  • Well, I was in sainsbury's earlier and the HPT were calling me so I bought a twin pack, and guess what came when I got home??? AF!!! Bloody typical! well at least I know now and can move on image xxx
  • Damn the witch!
    Good luck for this month!!
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