TMI Alert ** What was it??

Hi all

So think I could be on another 2ww as havent used an OPK this month but have had loads of cm, so anyway was in kitchen before making my dad a cuppa as he visited when I got the most weird feeling of wetting myself it was horrible and I really felt like I had come on AF or something. It felt like it was dribbling down my leg ** (sorry tmi) anyway when I went to the toilet and wiped nothing there at all!!

Just a bit of what looked like cm with a bit of blood in it but nothing else now if I ov CD21 like last month I would only be 2dpo and I have AF type cramps so this is far too early for implantation??

Im not going to get worked up over it because am going on holiday on wednesday morning, I done a one-step ebay test strip yesterday morning and thought there was a v.v. faint line but I also done one last sat too and there was a v.v. faint line on that one but last weeks was more visible than this weeks and both were done with cupped urine as thats how they tell you to do the tests. However what does bring back to room temp mean?? as I fear am maybe doing these test strip tests wrong?

Am I supposed to leave the urine standing :lol:

I have to say I havent posted much about symptoms but my boobs are sore, i feel dizzy and sick and am now having a crampy belly.

I need to just take care on holiday really and wait this 2ww out and see what happens.

I dont want to become an obsesses poasaholic again so am trying to chill out about it all.



  • Hi hon, so sorry you're going through it at the minute!! Perhaps you didn't ov when you thought and are only ov'ing now - some women get ov cramps.

    OR you ov'd earlier than you thought and its longer than 2 dpo, which means these could be implantation cramps.
    Urine has to be used fresh from your body, but if you're storing it for use later in the day you have to store it sealed in the fridge, then when you come to use it let it warm back up again, still sealed. Should only take about half an hour in this heat! Just so you're not using it cold. If you're using it fresh then ignore the temp and just test!

    2dpo would be too early for a positive test, so if you are seeing faint lines you must have ov'd earlier than you think; either that or the tests are faulty and are picking up on your ov instead.

    Your symptoms sound good though! Just try and chill, try to ignore your body, enjoy your holiday and test again when you get home!!

    Good luck xxx
  • OMG i so hope this is it for you, I had the same feeling whilst i was at work. It was like AF had arrived, it didnt stop coming out, i went to the loo and there was nothing.
    Got a few cramps here and there.

  • Hi ladies

    Yep going to chill, enjoy my holiday and test when I get back.

    I cant keep going through these faint lines, what I did find interesting on the internet is that pregnant woman can still get ewcm apparently its part of your plug forming?? anyone else think this is true as i thought you could only get ewcm when ov??

    MPP its looking mightly fine for you my love - enjoy and cant wait for you to announce your BFP.

  • Hey SD, my cycle is all over the place in terms of cm & ewcm this month too, so am trying not to read into things too much but that could e possible about the plug thing.
    Just wanted to say have a fab holiday, lots of rest and relaxation. I think its a really good idea to leave the tests at home and not worry about it until you get back, as taking them with you might make you worry more.
    Have a lovely, lovely time, and hopefully you might have a little excess baggage on the return journey homeimage
  • Actually now I think about it I have had what looked a bit like ewcm this month - was very wet from a few days after ov'ing and am still very wet now; even dh has commented on it! :lol:

    Never had it like that before (dont remember from first pg) so I assume its a pg symptom!! Getting excited for you now but know I shouldn't as you are meant to be chilled out about it!!

    Roll on your holiday when you can forget all about baby making!! Its tomorrow you leave isnt it? xxx
  • Ooh good luck sd!! Sounds good!

    Have a fantastic holiday and 1st anniversary !!

  • Hi all

    Blimey only got chance to come on now, leaving at 1am been cleaning house and packing all day, dropping cards and birthday presents off for people.

    Hubbys parents are going to keep an eye on our house for us while we are away so have had to have it spotless if it was my parents i wouldnt have cared as mine know I am a messy bugger he he!!

    God am shattered have been up since 6.30 am and am not going to bed as I wont get back up, I can sleep on way down tho.

    I have had blood in my cm today and af type cramps I really dont know what to think but I know one thing when I step on that plane all TTC/baby things will leave my mind until I return cos its party time he he

    Bye for now and speak when I get back

    MPP/MrsJC/Garfield will miss you all dearly image

  • Loobylou thanks for the message hun, am hoping the excess baggage will be a beanie settling in and not a kebab belly from all the food etc as going all inclusive so could make a right pig of myself and already have a pot belly he he image

    Speak to you all when I get back

  • SD you can have a bit of spotting when you ovulate too so it could be that not implantation bleeding.

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday.
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