Anyone get a BFP after BFN 12dpo?

Hi girls

I'm just trying to prepare myself for the likely arrival of AF this weekend as I got a BFN this morning (just couldn't resist)

I don't have any symptoms really. I had lower back cramps similar to AF pains on the evening of 9dpo for about 5 hours, which I had hoped were implantation cramps. Although surely if it was implantation then a BFP should show 2 days later?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

Posy x


  • not all the time chick,sometimes the preg levels arent high enough to detect,some girls havnt shown a bfp until 15dpo,so you might be best to wait until then xx

    good luck x
  • Thanks Grudie...I know I should wait until saturday but I just can't face the thought of getting my hopes up. Would rather be prepared for AF arrival.

    I have just read about girls on here BFP at 9 dpo, 10dpo & 11dpo, which seems to happen quite a lot.
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  • yeah it can happen chick but for some it doesnt happen until later,you just never know which 1 your going to be chick thats why i always say best to wait until shes due,but its easier said than done eh lol xx
  • Yeah you're right. But luckily as soon as got the negative test I started to prepare myself and plan for ttc next month and hopefully a Christmas baby. Which means that I won't be totally disappointed when AF arrives, In fact, I wish she'd just hurry up and come now so that I can get started again! (MUST admit I am still googling "how long after implantation can I get a positive test" though. LOL)

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  • Thanks for your reply Maria, I tested with the cheapy internet sticks which I think are supposed to be more sensitive. I would welcome any comments from people saying that the internet cheapies didn't work for them LOL!
  • Hi Posy, I tested at 13/14dpo (the day my period was due) and got BFN. It's only when AF still hadn't showed up 5 days later, that I got a faint line on a FR. All other tests were still showing BFN.

    Good luck with your BFP!

    7 weeks
  • Thanks for that LA79, gives me hope! How on earth did you wait until that long before giving in and testing!
  • Ha ha, I tested every other day. Apparantly, the hcg doubles every 48 hours so there would be no point in testing every day - couldn't afford the HPT's for daily testing either!!!

    Good luck hun x
  • With my first BFP I got a BFN at 12dpo and only got a faint one at 15 dpo, it was only because my temp had gone up that I poas.

    Good luck xxx
  • Thats good to know LA79, that the hcg takes 2 days to double.

    Thanks for that Samiana, you have given me a bit of hope!!
  • For my BFP I tested at 11dpo and got a BFN and then I tested at 15dpo and got my BFP so it can happen.
  • Thanks Rosapenny image
  • LH86 got a BFN at 12DPO and then at 18DPO she got a BFP on CBD
  • Maybe I should invest in one of the CBD instead of the internet cheapies. Although it would probably be my luck to get AF as soon as I got back from the shops!
  • I'd use a FR chick, CBD aren't as sensitive. x
  • My BFP didnt show till I was between 15-20 DPO and even then it was so faint I almost threw the stick away thinking it was BFN


  • oh ppppleeeeease let me be one of the ones who just takes a while for it to show.

    So do you reckon that the FR would be better than the ebay ones even though they are 10miu?
  • Hi Posy

    Thanks for putting me straight with regard to the cheap 10miu strip tests, I kept wondering if they were the same as the ebay cheapies everyone talks about. I only bought them because at 10miu they are supposed to be more sensitive than the 25miu FR. Never mind, I guess it's all part of the learning process, once they've gone I'll not be buying anymore that's for sure.

    Although I've no personal experience, it certainly seems that FR has given the best results to the girls on here and have faith 12DPO is still early, so there's plenty of time for you BFP.

    Good luck xx
  • I bought them for that reason too lawso. If I had the money i'd go and buy every test on the market LOL. I just need to have patience and wait until saturday.
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