Did I not ovulate?

I came off the pill at the beg of March, my 1st cycle was 35 days but my 2nd and 3rd were 28 days. I charted both of them, my temp was text book, as was my cm and even the ovulation pains. This month I decided not to chart and just relax about it all yet today is ovulation day and ive got no pains, ive had no cm and i really dont feel like ive ovulated this month. What could have happened????????? Ive also been extremley windy, very tired and got a spotty (more like small pimples than spots really) forehead and back which I have never ever had.

Im all confused, feel like crying and just want it to be 2 weeks time so I can have my period and start all over again. Next month im charting, going to use ovulation tests and maybe even pre-seed....


  • hey hun
    don't rule it out just yet - give it a few more days as it can take a while to be perfectly back to normal after the pill. even now after 2 years off the pill my cycles can vary by a few days. don't be too disheartened hun. make sure you BD anyway!!
    the month i got my bfp i thought i had missed ov or it hadn't happened, then a couple of days after i was due to ov i actually ov'd, so i was slightly out that month.

    good luck hun, lots of PMA and babydust to you xxx
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