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Have you picked out baby names?



  • Grudie I think that's a fab name and ive not taught a Lennon. I think it would be dead cute x
  • All that Glitters- we could have Valentines BFP's then have little Poppys!!

    We always say when we see a little girl being ditzy that she is a Poppy!! We know any child of mine will be like that!
  • We have... Huni (honey) Grace for a girl and Rome George for a boy... i like different names
  • I love names like Sienna and Lily, but OH is putting his foot down and going for traditional for girls ! lol !So at the mo we like Sophie for a girl !

    Def Rhys for a boy : )
  • I love Elizabeth or Isobel for a girl. For a boy I really love Alexander or William.

    I also love Meredith for a girl but that's maybe cos I love grays anatomy lol
  • Grudie I think that's a fab name and ive not taught a Lennon. I think it would be dead cute x

    yay lol thats one reason we picked it as we dont no one and neither on of us went to school with on lol image
  • Awww some gorgeous names here,

    We've already got a Ruby Louise
    We also love

    Lily Isabelle
    Ava Rose

    For a boy

    Joshua Dean
    Frazer James

    But Frazer seems a bit 'out there'. What do you guys think of Frazer,

    Since falling in love with the film 'The Notebook' I love Noah but in real life that might be a bit wacky too?
  • hey, we have gone over so many names in the past 14 months, we'll be sat in car n one of us will jus blurt out a name; usual resonse is nah, don't like that, but reading this post n seeing the name lennon, i jus said to hubby, what do u think n he said yer, so that could be a possible shortlister:
    names to date have been:
    lola, maisie, poppy, maggie for girl
    bobby, archie, alfie and now lennon for boy
    but i'm sure we'd change ours minds again and again..hehehe
  • Grudie - I had to tell you, I live in Nairn lol!!
  • I love hearing baby names... im constantly thinking of them...

    I have massive lists ha

    Grudie.... living close by to u.... i have a nephew Lennon who is 3 (Kirkcaldy) and my friend has a little boy called Nairn who is 2 (Rosyth),

    I love both the names tho... there super cute! image

    I work with children in various different schools, nurseries etc all over Fife and have only come across one Nairn and no Lennons!

    Good choices! image

  • Ooh I love picking baby names.

    For a girl; Isabella (as in Izzy or Bella), I also like Darcy, Morgan and LOVE Lacey, but DH think it sounds like a porn start when we out it with our surname :lol: I also like Lola but as our surname begins with an L so that's a no no too, I really like Olivia Grace but someone I know has just called their LO that

    For a boy; I really like Kian but BIL is called Kieran and it sounds too similar, we struggle to agree on boys names though.

    I like something not too common too!
  • I know a 28yr old called Nairn! never heard it before or since

    love Millie for a girl, not sure on middle names, but there are so man girls names i/we love

    boys names are a bit trickier, think Simon or Alfie, we did like George but our friend has just had one xxx
  • hi loving all the names.. i like poppy think its such a girly and cute name, and archie for a boy... i already have an owen and an ellie mai xxx

    Ellie Mai is a beautiful name.

    I love girly names too!! If you're a girl-you might as well be girly

  • Amy and Ruby, I love the notebook and love the name Noah too!

    I love Theo and Jonah but hubby hates!Only boys name we agree on is is Charlie.

    For a girl we love Isabel. I really like Camille but hubby doesn't!x x x
  • Grudie - I had to tell you, I live in Nairn lol!!

    Lucky woman its a beautiful place image

    cupcake sshhhhh i live in rosyth if there's a Nairn i dont no them lol

    Lennon is a lovely name and my little boy suites it so much,people always comment on it image
  • Yummy mummy 2 b we also love Meredith! It's a welsh name meaning ruler of the sea I think. We loved it before I saw grays so not too bothered about that, tho another of our favourites is isabel so we could end up with the cast! Others are isla and grace. Also like Lois but family guy has kinda ruined that for me! For boys I love Reuben but hubby says no way! He likes sebastian - we best just have a girl if I get preggers! So glad I found someone else who likes Meredith tho xx
  • I chose Sebastian, Nathaniel or Ethan for a boy. Hubby chose Erin, Niamh and Phoebe for a girl
    I love the name Poppy, but hubby doesn't and he gets to choose if its a girl! humph!

    We called our cat Izzabelle, wish we hadn't cos I'd LOVE it for a girls name!

    My middle name is Nairne - scottish, means from the waters xxx

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  • Grudie, you are right the town its self isnt too pretty right now but the beaches and surrounding countryside more than make up for that. DOnt think I could ever leave. Meant to say in my previous post that although I have never heard of nairn as a person's name before It's soooo lovely.

  • yeah we found it in a book of scottish names and its just grew on us,were after a scottish name without it being common so its stuck i always come back to it image

  • we have chosen names.. ours are -
    Girl - Elizabeth May
    Boy - Noah Gabriel
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