Just a Tad confused......help!

Brief history.

Stopped pill 23rdish May had withdrawal bleed......28 days later had first "proper" AF (25th June)

Now on CD 28 - On Monday (CD25) had major symptoms, tired, bloated, nausea everything except sore boobs - POAS Wednesday and BFN.

All day today have been feeling very wet down below. At lunch went to toilet and knickers were wet (sorry TMI)! Never had that before.....just been again and had EWCM and not had that at all this cycle!! And it wasn't a little bit it was loads!!!!

Only been charting temps since CD17 but last few days seen a little rise (not taking too much notice of them though as having very restless sleep) - done a few random opk's (didn't want to do them till next cycle when had more of an idea when I was ov'g re this cycle length) and all negative.

CP seems quite high aswell which now makes me think that I'm actually ov'g now and that my cycle is comletely different to what I thought it was!!

Read that some get EWCM throughout cycle but do you think this is now OV time!?

If so I better make it up with OH as had a massive row last night and trying to punish him by being proper moody but now I may have to do the deed and then still be angry with him lol!!!! x


  • have you got any OPKs left that you could do now? it might be that you are OVing or just that you are having some extra mucus?
  • yeah have 5 left as bought a pack of 7.....couldn't resist POAS when I got them...haha!!!

    I think what's confused me is that I have loads of EWCM and it's proper stretch on fingers CM and not had that once this cycle so far just quite watery about 10 days ago which is when I thought i may have ov'd as had skin breakout and was just trying to put 2 and 2 together to make 5 haha!! x
  • Ok did an ov stick and bfn so maybe it's just a bit extra of ewcm????

    Af due tomorrow so just playing the waiting game now!! X
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