testing weds morning 23rd anyone else?

Hay ladys, I am testing on Weds 23rd and wondered if anyone is going to test about that time to.

I have my superdrug test ready.... I will be 13 DPO......

Today i am 7dpo and i feel nothing :lol:
I have had cramp/pulling pains since ov and have had cm since ov aswell image

I only have 1 test in my house so i will be good and not test too early image :lol:
Anyone elce due about xmas eve/day could keep me company and stop me testing image

Gems x

Here's to month 16 and lots of xmas time BFP'S



  • Everything crossed for you Gems!
  • Got everything crossed for you babe i really want you to get you BFP i will b on weds morning and wont be goinmg off line till i see your post LOL

    Good luck sending you LOADS and LOADS of baby dust!!!!!

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Hi Gembags,

    I am only on my first proper cycle off the pill as it took me a while to get AF, but working on a 28 day cycle until I know better, I think I am due around Christmas day! So we can stop each other testing, as I have been tempted to already!!

    Fingers crossed! :\)
  • Wishing you lots of luck Gembags, hold out as long as you can it'll be worth it to see that definite 2nd line!!! xxxx
  • i will be testing IF IF IF my AF has not arrived... its due on tuesday - i think i ov'd around sun6th /mon 7th.
    i am quite busy so think i will not be tempted to test.. and if af hasn't arrived i will feel more like i need to test! I really don't want to see that BFN this month
  • i will be teasting on wednesday too as my af came around this time last month even though its not spose to be untill christmas eve/day hope evey one els gets there bfp good luck.xxx
  • AF due for me Tue - I would love to be strong enough to wait until a missed AF on Wed - but will prob test Mon and Tue lol!! I am about 13 dpo today. Will most likely survive the weekend and then cave on Monday.
    So far got lots of sympotms and no sign of AF what so ever so fingers crossed!!
    Good luck everyone!
  • I want to test, but I have to make myself wait! I'd love to test on Christmas Eve, but I know it'll be a wee bit too early (only 10/11dpo) so I am going to make myself wait until 28th. It's soooooooo hard!!!!

    Baby dust x x
  • Good luck with your wednesday testing!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you xx
  • good luck gembags! my af is due thurs and really want to try and hold out until then at least. last time I tested too early and it was more disappointing to see a bfn than when af arrived. plus last cycle my temps dropped the day before af, so i have made a promise to myself that i'll only test if temps stay high, otherwise i'll save myself a test and wait for AF!
  • Dotty how have you been? did the witch stay away?
    Gems x
  • Hi,
    I'll be testing on Tues or Weds if AF not arrived. (fingers crossed soooo tightly that she doesnt arrive)
    She is due on Tues!

  • Full on crossing of everything for you Gems hun.

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