evap lines on first response?

I am 9dpo (i no im naughty testing)

i just did a first response test! there is a second line but is that faint i cant tell what colour it is!

I looked it up and lots of people have said that evap lines dont happen on first response?

is this true?


  • im not sure if its true or not, take it apart and look? u can normally see better if u do that? or test in a couple of days? that may explain your nipple leakage if its a BFP lol x
  • i have taken it apart but still not able to tell what colour it is! i hate this waiting game
  • would the evap come up within the 15 min mark or would it have had to be left for a while after?
  • grrr! how annoying for u! ummm i think ur not supposed to read after like 10 or 15 mins, so maybe an evap? but lots of people have gone back and looked at tests with a faint line after an hour, and then tested a couple of days later and got a BFP. so i would say wait 2 days and try again with FMU? is it quite early so u never no? xxx
  • Hey sarah, Did you have a nipple leakage too? image
    Im having that problem too and thats the reason why i tested. I did same as you and tested with a FR and i swear i got a faint line, I could see it straight away as my urine went along the stick but then it faded so quick, 1 minute i looked i thought i could see it and the next i couldnt. Hubby couldnt see it, so i chucked it in the bin, Im on CD18 so im gonna wait a while as not totally sure when i OV'd.

    Fingers crossed to us both! My nipples still leaking. Are yours?

  • This happened to me last week, I thought it was a BFP and it was a false positive. Subsequent tests were BFN and AF came a few days later. Sorry to be a downer, but just don't get our hopes up too much and wait a few days until AF is due and test again so it is more reliable. Good luck though, I really hope it does turn out to be genuine. x
  • Just to add, I was so distraught about it I wrote to FR, and they contacted me with an apology, and added that any line that doesn't stay in the window for 48 hours and 'disappears' is probably a mistake and not a positive.
  • mrspinkplayboy - yes ive had boob leakage it started a few days ago when i compress! this line is still there hasnt disappeared! just hope its a sign for the both of us! im on cd 21
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