What symptoms is everyone having?


I have been driving myself mad this month. I am 7 dpo and have so far had:

* extreme tiredness, I fell asleep at 6.30pm yeasterday?
* more cm than usual at this time of month
* my temp has increased every day for last 3 days and is much higher than normal at this time of month
* I have a sore throat
* the odd sharp twinge the last few days, below my belly button and in my groin area?
* sore nips, much better today though boo!

At the end of the day though I know I'm kidding myself, I feel like I'm never going to get my bfp! We've been trying for 3 years on and off and we have a 7 year old, I didn't really want this big an age gap. I try and talk myself out of trying for a while then I am overcome with broodiness and we really want another baby.

Anyway we'll see! I'll try and find my pma.

Is anybody else symptom spotting? I hate it and I've not noticed any symptoms for a few months but I'm driving myself crazy this month!

I hope you all get your bfp's soon (and I get mine too!) and babydust to everyone!!

(I was on Cath Kidston's website last night buying a gift and had a peek at their baby stuff, they have lovely baby room ranges! Made me even more broody! A friend brought her 5 month old round too the other night and I went into broody overload!)



  • These symptoms sound promising! I sometimes think we can feel tired through exhaustion of worrying and not necessarily pg symptoms, BUT we can't imagine increased temperatures as they are an accurate and scientific fact! Also increased cm is another great indication! Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • I think I'm 9 DPO:

    Exhaustion (this might be due to dd being a lot of work the last few days though)
    Lots of strange cramps that I only experienced last time I got my BFP
    Sore boobs (not too bad today though which is a bummer).

    I am so sure I'm pregnant.. I really hope I'm right!

    Good luck to us all image
  • Aww I hope it is all our lucky months.
    Good luck everyone!
  • Aww I hope it is all our lucky months.
    Good luck everyone!
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