Please help, I'm so confused!

Hi, Newbie on here!

Been trying for a month now so not long. AF was due yesterday if AF came every 28 days, but my periods are irregular so unsure when she is due. As far as I know I haven't ovulated this month! Normally I get quite alot (Sorry if too much info) but this month you could say more or less nothing. Could this mean I am pregnant? I took a test yesterday but it was negitve - am i doing it too early? If so when do I test agian?
No symptoms yet that I know of.

Thanks in advance girls!


  • If you have been only trying for a month your period may not be due yet. Was you on pill before? Was you periods regular before pill.
    My 1st period didnt come for about 60 days after i stopped the pill x
  • Hiya, Thanks for the reply.

    No I haven't been on the pill.

  • Whats your longest cycle been? You still might ovulate if your cycles are irrigular?

  • To be honest - i've not kept track of my cycles ( I am now though).

    In the past I have missed a month, although I think this was due to stress.
  • Its a waiting game then hun! Just keep BDing and maybe you are still yet to ovulate? Keep track form know on what your cylces are like as this will really help you!

  • Hi - your cycle can vary a lot each month so I wouldn't worry yet. Very few people actually have a 28 day cycle, they can be shorter or longer. Have a look at our 'For those of us who OV CD20 or beyond' thread..there are lots of ladies on there with long cycles. Some ladies have to wait to OV for ages e.g. CD50. Good idea to start tracking your cycles so you get idea. If you use OPKs then you can work out when you OV and then get more of an idea when AF is due (the time between OV and AF is usually the same, even if you had to wait longer to OV!) HTH.
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