Does this mean (tmi)

Hey ladies, hope you are all well!

This is my 1st month of trying and my cycles are a little irregular (give or take 4/5 days) and I roughly know that Im going to ovulate next week, however, I have woke up this morning and my breasts feel a little tender around the sides and I definately feeling a little wetter down below. Does this mean I have ovulated/going to ovulate/are now fertile and ovulation is not much further away?

I sometimes have little ovulation cramps which Ive not experianced yet so I THINK ive not quite ovulated yet and are now "fertile" I wrong and this all means I have just ov?? image

We have had sex every 2nd night since AF finished so Im hoping its ok if I have already ov :lol:

I was thinking about looking at my CM but I have no idea what Im looking for?

Thankyou!! xx


  • i think the descriptions i have read CM should be stretchy and look like egg white. but if your doing it every 2nd day anyway your giving it the best possible chance. this is my 1st month of trying and i think if i OV at all it should be next week. but with a 12 year old in the house and a 7 month old in my room, not sure how often we will manage to do it!!!
  • thanks for replying :\) i wasnt going to think about ov much because of bd every 2nd night (lucky my oh has a huge sex drive) but now i think its coming its quite exciting :lol:

    we will most likely calm down on the bd'ing after a few months of trying because i dont want sex to turn into a chore. thinking of buying some of the ovulation sticks

    i know what u mean about kiddies, we have a 2 year old who doesnt nap during the day anymore so everything has to be done once he goes to bed :lol:

    I shall have a look for CM..should be interesting :lol:
    good luck for ur bfp lovely

  • another tmi question if you ladies dont mind!

    I checked my cm and its milky, watery, kind of like clear ish lotion?

    not sure what it means and i tried googling but didnt give me a straight answer that I can find

    my breasts are definately tender and feel wetter so I hope it means im entering my fertile period and ov is coming xx


    ok i googled again and got this

    If what you find is creamy, ovulation may be coming, but not just yet.
    If what you find is wet, watery, and slightly stretchy, ovulation is very likely close. Find time for some baby-making sex.

    Gotta wait for some stickyness so glad I have this forum cus theres no way oh or any of my friends would want to hear about this!! :lol:

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