AF arrived this morning - Month 15

Well as it says she got me yet again!:evil:


Goodluck to all the rest of you, hopefully lots more of you will get into the jan forum.image

lots of love jen xx


  • So sorry about that Jen. Good luck for next month!xx
  • Im so sorry hunny, at least its dday next month and you can go to your appointment, you deserve this so much hun u really do, ive got everything crossed for you that it wont be long b4 ur on here with your bfp xxxxxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear that Jen.
    Fingers crossed you get things sorted with the hospital etc. and get your BFP VERY soon xxx
  • Hey Jen

    So sorry, mines due tomorrow its def on its way, lets hope we get some help from the hospital XXX
  • Im so sorry she managed to find you this month! Ill be keeping my fingers crossed for next month. xx
  • Thanks girls

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