Well i am now on CD3 with a VERY heavy period and (this is where the warning comes in) LOTS of blood clots imageops:


I keep panicking thinking maybe i am having an EP because of the bleeding, the PG symptoms, the pain and the shoulder pain!!!

I am sooooooo bloody horny as well imageops:

OH would usually have sex with me while AF is here cause there is usually hardly anything there but he refuses to go near me atm which doesn't help me :cry:

Rant over

Tink xx


  • Hi Tink,

    Didn't want to read and run, sorry to hear about the heavy AF too - it's nasty when you get a heavy one. Maybe you had a chemical pregnancy and that's why your AF is so bad.

    Could you not have a bath and then jump on your oh before the flow becomes too heavy again?

    Alternatively, if he's not making use of you in sexy way - he should supply you with wine, chocolate, a hot water bottle and a soft, snuggly blanket (not forgetting to run the bath for you and wash your hair).
  • Hi Tink - I have had very heavy periods with loads of huge clots since last year. I have been to see the Dr for it, they have done a scan and cant seem to find anything worng so the Dr has just given me tabs to take every time I have my period.

    It is the worst thing ever so do feel for you!!

    Bronz xx
  • Hey hun,

    Sorry you're suffering so bad. I sometimes get clots with my AF, especially days 1-3. I was on just after my sis had her LO and the clots that she was passing after giving birth were only just competition for the ones that I was passing... Not nice at all :cry: Maybe if it does persist take a trip to dr's x
  • This is the first month it has happened ladies, it is also the first month i have had a 28 day cycle!!! My mum thinks it is all the "gunk" clearing out of me, which if that is true i dont really mind lol, i am just praying for regular periods now!!!

    I am on CD 3 now so hopefully it will go back to normal tomorrow.

    Arls - i cant even get in the bath and then jump on him because (sorry TMI) when i get in the bath i am ok but when i stand up i see blood clots in the bath and i have watery blood running down my legs and AF is back straight away!!!

    I used to have heavy periods before and had scans etc and all was ok so fingers crossed my mum was right and i am having a 10 yearly clear out lol!!!

  • Fingers crossed Tink!!! Last month I experienced the same thing, but reading up on it I do believe I had a chemical pregnancy, im gutted, but obviously what happened was meant to be. Hopefully over the next couple of days it should slow up and you will be back to normal xx
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