I have a really stooopid question but..........

Can i just ask probably the stooopidest question ever but is it worth BD'ing when im not ovulating??
I finished AF on sunday and me and my OH have been BD'ing sunday nite and last night but i was just thinking is it worth BD'ing when im not ovulating??
I know its a silly question and obviously i enjoy having sex without TTC all the time lol

please help!


  • YES its always worth keeping up the supply incase u OV early etc and more importantly just for fun otherwise it becomes all about baby making!!!

  • Oh yes, keep at it! :lol: As lilac said, its for fun too ya know! xx


  • Also it keeps his swimmers fresh!!

    I read it's best to bd at least every 5 days to keep his supplies up . Apparently his body re-absorbs them every two weeks if they aren't sent out on a mission!!
  • and at least you know you have always a fresh supply of the little blighters inside waiting for the egg :lol:
  • Look at the topic 'interesting article on OV'. You could ov twice a mont, and you don't want to miss it!
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