***********help am so so confused!!!****************

Heya ladies i was waiting for AF to show saturday, i thought she came yesterday but im just having browny-pinky type smearing. Im so confused does this mean its AF or not? i had negative tests before the smearing and am confused... should i re-test again if AF doesnt fully show? or am i having false hopes!!?? xxx

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  • It could be implantation or just AF starting light - it is hard to tell!! If I were you, I would leave it a couple more days and then test again if no different. the optimum time to test is 4 days after AF due (2moro in your case!), so if you leave it another day that should be really good!!

    Good luck xx


  • Agree with immense! Good luck, fingers crossed. xx
  • Hi Kim, i could've written your message myself! I was due on sat and have had a tiny bit of brown cm on loo paper last night and another dot this morning and that's it! I tested yesterday morning and got BFN but haven't dared test again since cos can't handle anymore BFNs!!!

    Good luck honey, hope we both get our BFPs

  • Good advice, I agree! Good luck! xx
  • good luck Kim and LadyD, will be looking out for your posts.
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