TTC #2 & Body worries!


Me & DH are in our 1st month of ttc #2. We already have a DD who is 15 months old.

This is probably going to sound really silly and selfish but it is a worry for me as I have always been very body concious.

I have always been very fortunate with my figure, a size 10 with a relatively flat, toned stomach.
With DD i got fairly big towards the end but was fortunate enough not to get any stretch marks. It hasnt been an easy ride but 15 months on and im pretty much back to how i was. OK my stomach is not as toned as it once was but i can look in the mirror and be satisfied with what i see!

Most days I dont think about it but then ill suddenly become petrified of what another pregnancy will do to my body!
Will i get stretchmarks 2nd time round?, Will i be able to lose the weight?, What will my stomach look like after another pg?

Reading this back it sounds so bloody selfish but its just on my mind. I suppose my DH has always been so proud of my body i worry that if it changes too much he wont fancy me anymore!

I so want another baby but how do i get these worries to go away??????xx


  • heey ...

    I am ttc#1 and sometimes will worry about that too. Some people don't get the stretch marks and as you didnt get them the 1st time so you might be one of lucky. Try to make sure not to get very fat when pg so you have less weight to lose afterwards.

    Always remember your goal is a baby so dnt worry how fat you will b, Worry about that after the birth image
  • I have a 16 month old so know how you feel. I've never been the slimmest but have always had a nice waist & good figure. When I had ds I had a HUGE bump (lost 2 stone when I gave birth as it was all baby and fluid!!) and some (but not a lot) of stretch marks.

    While I was pregnant I had hip problems where he wouldn't engage and the pressure on my pelvis was immense; could barely walk towards the end. And since having had him I still have back & hip pain on and off, which has made it very hard to do any exercise, never mind get back into the shape I was. I was really worried that dh wouldn't like me anymore, but he tells me that he actually loves me more, and loves seeing my slightly saggy stretch marked tummy (sorry, tmi!) as it makes him think of his baby and this wonderful amazing thing I did in carrying him all that time.

    I said to him what if i get even bigger after baby number 2 (we're TTC) and he said he didn't care, because I would have given him the greatest gift a bloke could ever want, and I should be proud of my body even if it was a little out of shape now, as it has done something wonderful and there was no way I could be expected to look like I did before having had a child or 2.

    Soppy & vomit-inducing to read perhaps, but it made me feel better about it!! And he's right, no man should expect a woman to go back to how she was before she's had a baby; the entire process we go through is such a stress on our bodies. I think he will love you regardless of stretch marks & saggy bits; he married you knowing that your figure wouldn't stay the same forever (old age will see to that even if babies don't!) so I say don't worry about it, what will happen will happen and so long as my babies are healthy I couldn't care less about my tummy.

    But you're not being selfish as most women think these things and go through it either before, during or after. Talk to him if you're worried, but don't let it put you off trying for another baby!

    Gawd this is longer than I realised...sorry girls! :lol:
  • Hi there I don't think you're being silly in anyway, we're all women and all have hang ups about the way we look.
    I'm the same as you, always been quite into fitness, size 10 quite tonned and like you managed to get mostly back to normal after my first baby. In fact I got married so was even slimmer. I had my second baby 9 months ago and still avoided stretchmarks but found the weight slightly harder to loose. I find I don't loose that last half stone until I give up BF. I've just lost that and am now TTC number 3.
    I think so long as you get back to normal inbetween babies and tone up as much as you can you give youreslf a fighting chance. Good luck. x x
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