2ww experiences, please share!

Hi Ladies,

Some of you may have read some of my other posts but to summarise:

I came off pill in Jan, no AF since then (coming on for 11 weeks) been to Dr's tests all normal etc, just a waiting game.

Last Thurs (25th Mar) I think I might have ovulated (very very tired, moody, quite a lot of CM (not sure about it being EW though) and spots popped up in random places on my face.

Anyway so that puts me on the 2ww (I hope). I just wanted to share my 'symptoms' and see if anyone else had same and if it looks possible for a BFP when I test next week.

- mild headaches for the past 5 days - not usual headache feeling, more like a 'cotton wool' head if you know what I mean
- very odd twinges/sensations below belly button. These vary in length, frequency and noticability. they are not painful but I'm aware of them
- bloated tummy
- occassional stitch like pain in my sides
- lack of appetite and a feeling of being full all the time
- very yellow wee
- stuffy nose (keep thinking cold coming but doesn't seem to get past the whole stuffy or runny nose stage - had this for about a week)
- was very dry down there (tmi) for a few days but now lots of CM

things I haven't had:
-sore bb's
- weeing all the time
- hot flashes
-increase in apetite

Anyway just wondered what you thought or what your 2ww symptoms were.

I'm trying to be realistic as I don't even know for sure if I did ovulate and to be honest don't even mind if it's AF coming after waiting so long!

But just interested in others experiences

Thank you!!



  • I had what I thought were a bunch of symptoms last month and nothing! So I'm on my 2ww too now and I'm trying not to read too much into anything.

    Last month I had twinges/af like pains - I have some this month but not as pronounced.
    Tired - tired this month too
    Milky cm, then dry
    Not sleeping well - kind of normal for me though
    Frequently going to the toilet

    The 2ww is torture! I've heard a stuffy nose is a good sign though!

    Good luck hun, when will you test?
  • Hi hun,

    There are a few of us in 2ww on the thread below:


    It might help to read about some of our real or imaginary symptoms(assuming the link works!)

    It's only my second 2ww. During the first one I really had no symptoms at all. This time I had some tiredness, nausea and the 'stuffy' feeling in the head that you spoke about very soon after ov. Then nothing at all for days and I was convinced I was in with no hope this month as I literally had no symptoms at all (well, with the exception of some odd dreams).

    Having said that, out of the blue today I have been feeling really tired and a bit queasy, and I also have slight backache. I have also been *really* confused - as in going upstairs and forgetting why I am there, and serving up half of the evening meal only to realise once I've sat down with hubby that the other half is still cooking in the oven! It may be nothing or may be AF on her way, but it's enough to boost the PMA just a little.... AF could be due any time from Tuesday onwards so I shouldn't have long to wait at least.

    Are you tempted to do a test? xx
  • Oh, but I have no cramps whatsoever, my boobs don't hurt in the slightest and I have no CM at all... most annoyingly! x
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the replies, I trying not to symptom spot but it's impossible I think!

    babyonboard I'm thinking I might test around 8th/9th April (if I can hold out that long!!)

    Tilty thanks for the link, I'll have a look in a bit.

    I've also had weird dreams but I do have them anyway although this week I've had them every night but I think that may be because I'm thinking about it.

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