Preseed v Zestica v Sasmar conceive plus

Hi ladies

Have any of you used any of the above? Is one of them better than the others or are they all pretty much the same? I was just thinking of trying one of them this month to see if it helps!

Also, does anyone have any recommendation for ovulation strips please? I think we're going to try the SMEP this month! CD1 and already I'm starting to plot and plan!



  • I used sasmar conceive plus this month, a bit messy...but it worked nicely. Havent tried any of the other products but going to use preseed next month if no joy!! xx
  • Ive got a spray Zestica, not used it yet as are starting smep on sunday, prefered it over the pre sex applications, thought we would spray and we go xx
  • Hey all image

    We are trying SMEP this month and using Sasmar Conceive Plus. Will let you know the results image


  • We've got preseed - will be trying it this week for the first time - will report back!
    H x
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