CD 34 Yesterday, Should be CD01 Today

I dont know whether i should really expect it to arrive on time or not and i cant believe im worrying about it when we havent even got half way through the day yet.
For those who dont know i stopped taking Microgynon 30 in june, had my 1 st proper AF in september. Cycles are trying to settle down abit now, Last month my cycle was 34days, I just assumed the CD'S were going to get shorter rather than longer when tryin to get regular. I am getting symptoms of an AF on its way but in a way im sort of hoping it doesnt come. I keep checking and im getting abit of clear CM on the toilet paper (sorry tmi) got slight cramping and abit of ache on lower back. Had a big dizzy spell at work the other day which i havent experienced to that degree, it slightly disorrientated me abit.

I will update you all. I can just feel her coming Grrrr



  • chick - my cycles were all over the place since first proper cycle....
    34days, 32 days, 44days, 34days, 37days and 37days!.....I was dead regular until i think I had a chemical pregnancy on honeymoon, then regular again, then I defo had a chemical pregnancy, then since then my cycles went up by 5 days!
    My point in, there really is no accounting for a womans cycle....i seriously think it has its own brain and control centre image

    But on the other hand, I had strong AF symptons for 4 days before my last period was due....and I got my hold off a day or so then perhaps it may be worth testing

    PP84 x x
  • I hope it turns out to be a bfp for you, fingers crossed x
  • The only symptom I had of my last BFP was a really really bad dizzy spell...sounds promising for you!! xx
  • I feel the same, ive been the loo about 20 times today to see if af has arrived- it hasn't. Dont seem to have any symptoms for either af or bfp now although ive been dizzy and had a few palpitations the last couple of days. Really don't think we've done it this month but still hoping. I will test if af is not here by sat that will 16dpo (can't believe i haven't tested already) xx
  • Good luck girls and cant believe you are holding out this long to test - you have good patience, fingers crossed x
  • Ty sparkling image)

    Well there is still no sign of her but still having cramps, but i felt lightheaded twice once in the late afternoon and about an hour ago, I really hope its a BFP thats causing all this dizzyness because i will be worried to death thinking theres something wrong with me lol.

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