:D begins tomorrow!

image Hi ladies, im 'offically' joining you tomorrow as my implant is being removed at 4:10pm tomorrow, whoop! Even tho ive been lerking around, its gonna feel great to be TTC offically!!!

I also just wanted to ask, the Dr has reccommended not TTC the 1st month to get a 'proper' period to make dating easier, but i dont really want to wait...thats what the 1st scans for anyways, dating, and whos to say ill even get a BFP in the 1st month! Would you wait if theres no medical reason not to, just for dating? Cause i dont think i would beable to wait as you can tell...excited!!! xxx


  • There is no medical reason to wait the only reason is for dating reasons so there for i wouldnt wait,and in the world of ttc a month is a very long time lol. So personally i wouldnt wait,you may also find it takes your body a little while to re-adust following having the implant out.Good Luck
  • good luck hun! hope you get your BFP!
  • personally no i wouldnt wait like u said that wats datin scans r for. good luck xx
  • your more fertile just after having it removed too forgot to mention that...Cant waste all the 'help' now can I!!! Thanks for your opions and well wishes, girls, good luck to you all too xxx
  • Dont you dare wait. I know how excited you are and there is no chance of you holding out.
    Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get your BFP as quick as I did ;\)
  • good luck, had the implant removed in jan, i was pretty lucky, had a sort of withdrawal bleed few days after it was taken out, when docs told me it could have taken up to a few weeks for it to come. hope bfp comes quick for u xx
  • awww thanks Babylove, that brought tears to my eyes!! Junies keep being quite lucky in how quick were getting our BFP, so fingers crossed!

    thanks soap87, ive had the implant beofre to but had it removed to go back on the pill in 2008 but the Dr messed up telling me how to handle to swap over properly and I feel pregnant unplanned, so never actually TTC before, so hence being so excited! Im hoping ill catch as quick as i did with LO but im not gonna get my hopes up (yeah right). Loves girls! xxx
  • WAIT??!!! what's that mean? That word isn't in my dictionary! :lol:

    Guess you know what my 'advice' would be image
  • hahaha love it MrsClareabella!!! I think your right, 'waiting' is not an option!! image
  • lol i had my implant out in march i never waited im onto month 2 of ttc so fingers crossed for u hun xx
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