What should I do before starting to try for a baby?

Hi all,

Hubby and I have decided to start trying for a baby but I haven't the first clue what I need to do???...apart from the obvious!

What vitamins do I need to take? Should I cut out certain foods but introduce others? What exercises am I allowed to do? How often should we be doing 'it' and at what time of the month?

Any advice would be really appreciated and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you.



  • Oooh, I'd like some tips too if anyone has any!! I'm already taking vitamins and folic acid, stopped smoking, (attempting!) to limit alcohol and have always taken regular exercise. Also, using online fertility ovulation calculator thingie so know roughly when to BD like mad - much to DH's joy image

    Does anyone know if too much exercise is bad? I do aerobics 3x week, which I assume is fine - but worry about all the jumping about maybe being bad? Am I just being mental?! Put on a stone coming off pill and wanted to shift it before getting pregnant, but its not shifting, hence the aerobics! xx
  • Its good to start taking folic acid now, I use the Sanatogen ones (they are pink) and they have folic acid, plus lots of other vitamins that are considered good for when you are TTC and also for when you are actually pregnant.

    I had to have a blood test to check my immunity for Rubella at the doctors, it may be worth asking your doctors to do a "well woman" check so that they can make sure all of your vaccinations arein place/current?

    As for "when", well whenever you want to really, but technically if you know how long your cycle is you can work out your most fertile dates. For example, my cycles are 28 days so my most fertile days are days 10-14 and ovulation on day 15.

    And above all I guess, just enjoy it and try not to worry too much.

    Good luck !
  • Hi and welcome.

    Folic acid is the main one to take or you can get a pregnacare type multivitamin.

    Just trying to be nice and healthy really, there's no excercise that you shouldn't do whilst TTC as far as I know, something relaxing like yoga could be beneficial.

    Every two or three days will keep your hubby's sperm in good supply and of decent quantity and should mean a supply is there around the same time as the egg... OV occurs around the 14th day of your cycle... in text books.... if your cycles are 28 days... AF tends to arrive 14 days after OV so you can start to get a feel for the timing after a few cycles.

    You can get Ov sticks that detect the LH surge and therefore confirm when you're OV... but I'd just relax and enjoy for the first few months and go down that road a bit later if you've not got your BFP....

    Good luck~ OP xx

    P.S- TTC -trying to conceive, OV- ovulation, AF- Aunt flo/period, BFP- Big fat positive (pregnancy test)


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  • We have literally just started trying and am finding all the information about too much at the moment. There seems to be so much to learn on TTC!! I have started taking Folic Acid and I am trying desperately to watch what I eat - avoiding certian foods as well as alcohol of course.

    Good Luck and lets keep each other posted on how we are doing image xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you for all your replies. TTC - you are not alone it is really overwhelming and all the abbreviations is like trying to read a foreign language - thanks Orange Pants for explaining a few of them though!

    I will start on the vitamins, I already take multi vits but guessing that the pre natal ones are slightly different?

    You will prob think I'm terrible but I'm 27 I have never kept a record of my periods! But I guess doing the deed every couple of days we may hit the jackpot!

    I don't smoke and have always hated alcohol anyway i'm just a terror for cookies and crisps! So I guess lots of fresh veg, fruit and nuts etc from now on.

    It's all a bit scary this! Defo keep in touch though xxxx
  • great advice from all the ladies, the main thing is to relax about it all. You'll soon find the 2 week wait after ovulation is the hardest, as you will be tempted to test far too early !!

    All the books I've read say having sex every 2-3 days throughout your cycle means you won't miss ovulation and gives you the best possible chance of getting pregnant- so have fun !!

  • ooh thanks for starting this thread Angel-Mumma - i'm in the same situation as you (nearly)
    We have finally agreed that we will start TTC in sept/oct time - so i'm all geared up to get my body in good shape image

    my main focus with food is to cut down the caffeine and increase the fruit and veg - plus i'm trying to excercise more and planning on taking one of the pregnancy/conception vitamin tables
  • Hi ladies

    If i can just add that it is really important to get all your vaccinations done before you begin TTC. Rubella during pregnancy can be really harmful.
    I just found out from my nurse that i missed my second MMR and also my tetanus/diptheria/polio boosters so im back on the pill for the next month whilst the vaccinations are in my system.

    Good luck!!
  • No probs MrsRaf - you have a good few months to get into great shape to grow a little one! x

    Thanks Dutchrose - I think I will book an appt with the doc and make sure everything is ok then before properly starting, didn't know about the rubella, I remember having a jab at school - long time ago now!

    Thanks again all xx
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