OV pain?


Does anyone get this (can't remember what the technical term is) and if so how long do you get it for? I get it some months and have just started getting twinges today (fingers crossed it means I'll get my OPK + soon!) When I get it it normally last 3-4 days but I read somewhere they only last a few hours! Not sure what to think, can someone advise or reassure me?
Thanks ladies!


  • I get it. It's called Mittelschmerz - German for middle pain (pain in the middle of your cycle I guess!)
    Mine usually carry on for at least a day and can be quite painful. Usually only one side but occasionally both.
    I'm not sure which OPK you use but I have poas ones which tell me before I ov and before (I had mc at Xmas) I got the 2 lines then the pain a day or 2 later.
    Hope this helps in some way!
  • That does help! I'm using the cheap OPK's from home health, got a + today so it's all happening about the right time, just hope we can catch it this month!
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