back from holiday and break from BE.....

Okay back from a lovely holiday and celebrating hubbies 30th and i'm still in limbo!!!! cd71 i think which is well over my longest cycle. had my bloods back for thyroid which are now showing as okay, got to have day21 test but can't have that till af arrives so who knows.... which also means i have to wait for tests for PCOS as there doing that at the same time!!!!

Still waiting for news on new job too so all in all i'm in limbo!!!!

And to top it off af is playing silly buggers my having a little spotting on saturday (brown blood) major cramps too and still nothing!!!!!

Bitch, bitch bitch!

Oh well onwards and upwards!!!


  • Nice to have you back!! Sorry you are in limbo, hope the drs can get you sorted. Perhaps if af starts to arrive with me I can send her in your direction!!!xxx
  • Hello hun, stupid nasty witch (af not u!!!) hopefully the brown spotting was implantation...u never know......xxxxxx
  • hi hun, glad glad u enjoyed your break, dont worry , im with woomummy maybe it was implantation??? hope so, fingers crossed!!! HUGS
  • ello lovely!! i have missed you!
  • welcome back hun sorry you're in limbo but the brown spotting could be a gd sign? hope you get gd news from drs. im on cd6 month 8 and getting sooo bored of it all now. x
  • thanks girls, was nice to have a break but good to be back!!!

    Don't think it was implation really but i suppose it could be was half expecting af to arrive while on hol but just had lots of cm.

    limbo isn't all that bad i'm pretty relaxed about everything had especially as we're not actively trying anymore just leaving up to fate! on the upside had masses of EWCM this morning so hopefully af will arrive soon!

  • Hey Jenna, lovely to see you back. Glad you had a nice holiday and good luck on the job front.

    As for af, she's a total witch, always showing up when she's not wanted and then not showing up when she is!

    Hopefully the brown spotting was a good sign, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx
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