Well girlies, BFN buuuut...

...I'm still feeling super positive :\? ! I think I've gotten my dates wrong...my last 2 cycles have been around 52 days (horribly long but the best I've had in a long time, before that I'd had nout since June last year so TTC was completely random) soooo if this cycle is to follow suit then I'd only be due AF next Sunday (16th May). If I'm due AF next Sunday then I should have OV'd roughly this weekend just gone (on or around 2nd May) and randomly the OH and I had a lot of sex that weekend! Not even for baby making purposes because I thought I was due to OV THIS weekend but I've just looked at my diary and I've buggered up my dates.

So am I right in saying that I could have tested too early? I'm still a bit confused because if we're very, very lucky and have managed to conceive over the weekend then surely it's too ruddy soon for me to be getting symptoms. My nipples still hurt and I've been getting cramps off and on...unless I OV'd a few days early :\?...

Ugh confused!!!!! I'm going to STOP thinking about babies and symptoms until next weekend when I'll test again if AF doesn't show. The OH's letting me re-decorate the spare room in the next few weeks so I'm going to concentrate on that (he's had a mate staying with us for a few months but has finally decided to give him the boot so I'm being given free reign to spruce up the room).

Sorry about the long rant, I just really needed to get this all out of my head! Any advice or comments are veeeery welcome :lol:



  • Hey Tinkerbell,

    I'm a novice to all of this - so can't really give you any advice apart from don't give up LOL ... I just didn't want to R&R ...

    Sending lots of sparkly babydust your way!
  • I could nearly have wrote most your post myself. I'm not sure about all the dates re long cycles, but I'm due af on 16th and I ov'd 30th/1st so if you're about the same then yeah would be too early to test. I'm the same as yourself in that I'm having few symptoms too. Woke yesterday to v tender boobs- feel full and tingly and I've had a non-stop quesy feeling. Really trying not to ss but both are definitely there and I know I had signs from 7dpo the other 2 times i was pregnant... But still don't want to get my hopes up lol
    Another coincidence is that I'm in middle of doing our spare room up too! We moved here in Jan and just threw all junk in back room but have guest this weekend so being going through and chucking a load of ole junk out.
    Fingers crossed for us eh image
  • ahhh! im confused even readin this, so cant imagine how u r feeling lol. maybe test agin in a week or so? i hope u got lucky hun! good luck xxxx
  • TinkerBell*~x~* - I had to read that a few times to get it to sink in (can't even use the fact it is Friday as an excuse). My cycles were longer than your's last time I came off my pill and I didn't know where the hell I was at. I am fully expecting it to be the same this time. I am going to buy some agnus castus in preparation. You stay positive, sending you lots of baby dust!!

    Shirls001 - I am a novice too, ssh image

    mummychop - I will keep my fingers crossed for you too!!

    *me* - being a novice at all this doesn't make it any easier to follow so you are not the only one confused :\)



  • Haha reading that back I've confused myself! This TTC thing is very difficult! Basically I think I've tested too early and my boobs are still abnormally sore :P! Came home in a super positive mood to find that my puppy has managed to get upstairs and chew some of my stuff to bits and a letter from SAAS saying I owe them a lot of money when I don't think I do. Still strangely happy though...kind of :S xxx
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