im going mad

well im 6dpo, been having cramps for 3 days, some quite bad tonight. i have been trying to convince myself that my bfp is out the window. but for some reason i FEEL different.

is anyone else going mad, dont know how i will get throught the next week. arrrgghhh.


  • Hi Angel,

    I'm 9dpo and have so queasy for the last 3 days, I think it's Christmas overindulgence Hubby thinks it's morning sickness!

    Really don't think we bd'ed our way to a BFP this month, but with him cheering me on it's hard not be really aware of everything else. I hate that my mind knows something but my heart's trying to tell it something else.

    Hopefully we're both lucky this month!

    Good Luck
  • hi hun, i know what you mean. my heart is telling me we havent done it but there is ssomething in my head just niggling that something is different but ive been fooled before so trying not to get to hyped
  • Hi hun am not SS as am 21dpo today had a bit of a weird on off period, cramps and brown cm had built my hopes up I had a shy bean but think I have called it a day on that one.

    Just wanted to say you are not alone and I went absolutely stark raving mad during my 2ww but I really did feel like I was pregnant. Hopefully you will get your BFP good luck hun xx
  • SD My AF is missing to 4 days late No spotting ect

    Angel - I had cramps from OV they never really went away so u never know image
    Gems x
  • ive been reading online and a lot of people seem to have them and still get a bfp but my heart is telling me she will show up as usual. i dont usually get as worked up as this but for some reason going a bit mad this
  • Hoping it's a good sign for us and we have those BFP's very soon x
  • Hey gorgeous girl, I've had tummy and leg cramps for the past three days, been ss'ing like mad. I'm going to be seriously naughty and test tomorrow! I would have waited but going out with friends tomorrow night and don't know whether I should drink. Will be 10 dpo and like you hun, just feel that this month could be different. Although I don't want to jinx anything.

    Good luck and loads a babydust! xxx
  • Hey,
    Well I thought i'd come add my bit. im 9dpo and I've had a few signs. Cramping on 6dpo and 7dpo, feeling sicky when i havent eatten for a little while, bloating, sensertive nipples and being so tired. But like all you women im so scared that this cycle (cycle 11) is nothing but in my head..
  • thanx girls, really hope my heart is wrong and its a bfp. cramps are still there this morning.

    cass huni i really hope you get a lovely big bfp today.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hay,Angel I still have slight cramps and am now 5 image days late xxxx
  • Hi ladies,
    Im 5DPO and I have a few symptoms - knackered, feeling nauseus on and off, pulling/strectching feeling 'down below'. sore nipples and my boobies have thick green veins all over them - to the point that my OH said they looked like a road map, lol!

    Like you Angel100, I too just feel 'different' this month somehow.
    Good luck to everyone xx
  • aww girls i really hope its a good sign. my cramps are def different from usual so hoping its not just a bad af on its wayxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey sweetie - I could play this two ways....

    1) I've known you for about 6 months now, and can't remember a time when you've not SS!!

    2) I really really really hope it's not just another month and that this is your BFP!

    My advice would be to distract yourself as much as possible, no matter how hard - if it's a BFN then you'll know soon enough, and if it's a BFP then it will be with you for the rest of your life!! (Easy said than done.... I know!!!)

  • hi hun, thanks for replying. im feeling much better now. i have resigned myself to the fact that all these cramps is af on its way so kinda accepted we be trying again next month. i think im going mad coz im been in pain since ov which i havent had since i started taking epo but hey we will get there in the end.xxxx

    how's you, where in your cycle are you.xxxx
  • hey - sorry if my post sounded pessimistic, obviously I'd love for you to get your BFP!!!!

    I'm ok - day 35ish and no sign of OV. OV sticks constantly show a light 2nd line which doesn't really change. Temps a bit all over the place (I think made more unreliable as I've got a cold and have been sleeping with mouth open cos I can't breath through my nose lol!) but no shift.

    Thinking of going to docs in Jan sometime to chat, found some old notes from an internal scan I had a few years back which said 'slightly cystic ovaries' so wondering if that will be enough to get tests etc a bit earlier than a year,

    Also thinking of going to a traditional chinese medicine place near Falkirk - have heard good things about them when ttc, and no need to wait for the year!!

  • Hi girls, tested and of course it was a huge fat BFN, not upset at all cos it was soo early. Boobs still bloody hurt, tummy cramps and leg cramps are still here, and I got really really dizzy and hot in a shopping centre today - DH was worried as I was really pale and was swaying! lol!

    Come on girls, we can do it!!!! xxx
  • fergy, your post didnt sound pesimistic at all, i know exactly what you meant. im having my usual heavy feeling tonight so im just going to look forward to getting my bfp in the new year.

    hope all goes good at the docs, better to get these things checked out early

    cass hun im sorry its bfn but as you said its too early and youve still got plenty of time for that bfp to show up. im kinda giving up the hope now, feel very like af is on her usual root tonight so just going to get my pma together for next
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