My lovely surprise...

On Sunday my OH said that he had a surprise for me...a new kitten. We went and picked it up Sunday afternoon after we got back from the caravan. They didn't know the sex but we think it is a girl. She is 6 weeks old and we are going to call her Milly. She fits in one hand and is the most adorable little thing just as cute as Samson my other cat. We are a bit sleep deprived (gets us in good practice for a baby) as with being only 6 weeks old she keeps waking up. In the early hours of Monday her antics had us awake about 4/5 times. Last night we had a plan to keep her active and playing till we went to sleep and she slept right through this morning till half 4 then wanted to play.

Here she is:


  • Sleepless nights are good practise for a baby. Cute name for the kitten.
  • Aw she's so cute! Hope she settles at night soon! x
  • aw shes absolutely gorgeous xx Youll have great fun with her! xx
  • Aw - how cute. I love cats. I've got a persian and I have to say he's more trouble than a baby!! x
  • Sammy9 - Thanks! It was either Milly or if it is a boy then it will be called Sydney ha. Definitely think it is a girl as nothing has been in view as with my other cat Samson he was always showing till I had him neutered ha.

    emmsy4 - Thanks. I hope she does too. Saying that if we are lucky enough for me to fall pregnant then I best get used to sleepless nights.

    Jay78 - Thanks! We already are having fun. She does this really cute and mad sideways run and attacks the rug with a bunny hop. She has had me in stitches chasing her shadows on everything too.

    KellyB23 - I have male british short haired cat too, all black called Samson coming up to 3 years old and he is no bother what so ever compared to Milly ha. I can't remember Samson being this bad but saying that he was 13 weeks when I got him she is only 6 weeks old.

    Well on Monday I put Milly with her bed, water, food and litter in the kitchen which is quite roomy with the door shut. Samson had the rest of the house to roam about in (yep both house cats - couldn't have what happened other week to them, killed on purpose by charvers with dogs). Samson is a bit wary of her and scared and every now and then playfully swots her with his paw. Well today is their first day unsupervised together. I am sure they will be fine but am a little concerned as to what I will go home too ha ha :lol:

  • What a cutie! I have 4 cats already so I'm not allowed any more! She looks just like my Bob!
  • I think two is enough for me at the moment. I guess once they get to Samson's age they are manageble...we shall see ha ha. Do your cats share the same litter or are they outside cats? I am wondering if Samson and Milly could share his covered one...although saying that it might be a while off he didn't appreciate her sniffing around it when he was inside and i just heard a big hissing sound image

    It is going to take some getting used to for Samson to have a new cat on the scene xx

  • Yes they all share the same litter box just fine and I clean it everyday. Milly will probably learn fairly quickly to follow Samson and use it!
  • awwwww what a cutie : xxx
  • awww she is a cutie! we have a dog called Millie! x
  • She just gets cuter the longer I spend with her. I think it may be a while before she learns to use Samson's litter and I am not sure how he will take it.

    They were both fine unsupervised; came home to two alive cats. Samson is a bit rough when he is playing with her but doesn't realise she is only a baby. Well unfortunately I have to change her name due to OH's brother having a cat named the same. So we are toying with the idea of Misty because of her colouring, what do you think? xx

  • Awww, she is SO adorable, she's making me kitten broody! :lol: I already have 3 cats so no more allowed - hubby already jokes I am a crazy cat lady!

    Misty and Milly are both lovely names if you don't want the same one. Lol - that is making me imagine how difficult it will be trying to name a baby!!!

  • Well the name game continues and we are thinking of reverting back to the very first name we thought of before Milly and call her Daisy ha ha. God help us when choosing baby names; although saying that we already agree on a few - guess it is harder to name a kitten.... :\) xx

  • What about Sally? I always thought that was cute for a cat! My Bob was nearly a Sally!
  • I shall add that to the list and we must pick something soon as when we shout for her its Milly, no Misty, Daisy no ah just come here gorgeous ha ha. Thanks for the suggestion xx

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