• Me personally - YES. Have you had a missed AF? When did you do the test? xx
  • I wouldnt sarah because it doesnt look as dark or darker than the test line but then again ive never had a positive on the cheapie tests! They are so hard to read arnt they? Im going off to do mine in a mo but dont hold out much hope of actually seeing a clear positive! Good luck hun xxx
  • Hi,
    g.c from due in oct to say yes I would. I only ever used the cheapie sticks and i never got a positive that was darker than the control line. I used them for 3 different cycles and fell pregnant on every one of them, so they must be fairly acurate. I lost 2 of those but am now 17+2 and expecting twins. Good luck and happy BD'ing xx
  • I think it really is different for different people with these tests. they always work really well for me-i would normally get a result like your pic just before the positive. My positives were always really really dark-darker than control line. But it is different peoples hormones and wee i guess! I'd defo bd and keep testing

  • for me i would say yes...but as you can see everyone is different so im not sure thats much help!x
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