How many times should you BD when OV'ing?

I just wondered how many times you should BD during ovulation. I think I may be coming up to OV (around 17th/18th) as I am having OV pains.
TMI coming up...................
We BD on tues 13th and thurs 15th.
I know it sounds think as I have 2 children but with them it just happened if you know what I mean.
I know I should probably be waiting after suspected MC but sod it lol!


  • hI honey I am OV at the same time, i bd's on monday tues and thursday this week and i think they say every day over the few days you are OV then every other day though it's up to you really.

    I think I will give it a miss tonight as I am not really in the mood

    k XXX
  • I feel so stupid for asking the question. My mum says "just shag shag shag" but I have heard that if you have sex to much it lowers the quality of sperm. Anyone know if this is correct!
  • Hi babymonkey, how are you hun? Good for you doing what you feel is right! As long as you feel emptionally and physicaly ready then i say go for it. I think bd every day around ov and every 2 days just before and after ov. good luck xx
  • I think it only lowers the quality of the sperm if there is a problem with the sperm in the 1st place xx
  • Im good thanks hun. How about you?
    My opinion is, there is no point of upsetting myself over something that wasnt ment to be. Obviously, we were gutted but im back in the saddle, so ride cowboy ride lol
  • Im not too bad thanks, felt really down a couple of days ago but feeling more positive now. Im gonna get some clearblue ov sticks and go for it! I think im ov later than i thought about cd20 i think!!! You sound very positive too which can only be a good thing. I think we will both get our bfps next mth and have our valentines bubbas. good luck hun, take care of yourself. xxx
  • oh yeah. Would be due around valentines day. Thing is I dont know if im even ov'ing. Time will tell I guess.
    We have to try really hard for out BFP's this month. Fingers crossed for you hun and everyone else who is trying for there bouncing valentines bubba.
  • Your just gonna have to bd every day then!! lol. xxxx
  • I was amazed last month when i got my smiley face on a opk, so we made sure we bd ALL weekend, and it didn't af and 3 BFN!!

    I think babymonkey that you should just go for it, because it was very sad for you recently but your body dealt with it, and did not need any medical attention, so i think you should raring to go!

    Fingers crossed XXXXXXXXXXx

  • Good for you babymonkey! I'm glad you are doing good. xx

    They say bd every other day. I bd'd last Tues, Fri, Sat, ov around Mon and bd'd then too. Made OH bd two days running because he works nights and was too tired Thurs! Just concentrated on the fact that egg lasts 2 days, sperm 5 at most. So could have been successful with the ones later in the week. Time will tell!

    I'd suggest trying the day or days you have (if you get) ewcm. Good luck hun! xx

  • lol.
    Ride cowboy ride.
    I think OH is going to enjoy the next few days lol
  • Just picturing hats, spurs and cowboy boots now!!! lol. xxx
  • hey, why not lol.
  • My oh is coming back today after being away for the week playing golf, if my af hadnt arrived yesterday id be off to the fancy dress shop and suprise him!! he, he.xx
  • Hi ladies, just wanted to say when i fell pregnant my oh and I 'did the deed' every day as soon as my af had finished up to only a couple of days before my af was next due. Worked first time for us which was very lucky. Fingers crossed you get your BFP this month and it is an extra sticky one xx
  • Go for it babymonkey, like the PMA, good luck hun-you deserve it!!!!!!!!!
  • I had heard that if you bd too often that the sperm is not as good quality as it is very young and a bit weak, and if you don't bd enought the sperm gets lazy (!!). Saw it on some other pregnancy website somewhere. I guess if you can manage to bd every other day throughout your cycle and a bit more often over the times you expect to ov should be good enough.

    I still haven't managed to work out exactly when I ov but have told dh husband that next week, he has to perform on Friday, Saturday , Sunday and Monday!!! Asked him last night again if he reckons he was up to it and he just said that he was 'conserving his energy!'.

    Good luck ladies!!

  • Our poor men lol.
    Thing is, they make it sound like its hard work and they are too tired.
    I bet they think "waaaaaayyyyyy heeeeeyyyyyy were off again" lol
  • Think mine is getting seriously sick of it image I think I ov'd early in this week and we've BD'd every day since AF finished, but now I'm panicing that I thought I'd ov'd earlier than I actually had (I went off OV pains and a 28 day cycle would make me ovulate today!). Attemped to get some off him last night but he was too tired! lol!
  • I ovulated on Monday (I think!) and we BD tues, thur, fri, sat, sun last week and mon and tues this week. After 6 nights in a row I was too tired on wed! I hope we've all done it this month image x
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