I'm queen of tmi! Another question...

So, I have thursh eugh! I'm mega itchy and swollen inside my vajayjay!
I never get it, only had it once before, thinks it's because I had antibotics last week.

I was gonna get some canastan duo tomoz, I have no idea if iv ov yet, I'm on the 6th hugh on cbfm, I had ew cm two days ago but I've dried right up with the thrush so I have no clue!

Is it ok to take? Can it effect the swimmers?

So gross!!!!!



  • Wow, I thought thrush was a common thing, obviously not !
  • :lol:

    Sorry I have never suffered from this before but it is a good question. You could google does canastan duo kill sperm?

    Hope you get better soon xx
  • I hate that itch! Poor you, hope you feel better soon. I've gone and got myself a UTI from too much BDing! Hahahaha. x
  • i have no idea! imagine thrush would alter Ph as would the canesten! maybe try some websites.
    had to use it when pregnant once and on the plus side think it worked quite quick so you can get back to BD quick quick.
    sorry cant be any more help!
  • Hi BP, I had thrush last cycle. All of the thrush products at the chemist said 'do not use if you are trying to concieve, or already pregnant'. Though Catnkitten used it whilst pregnant, so might be worth checking with the pharmasist anyway.

    I took the natural option and sorted it out with live yoghurt. Worked a treat. Your fella will have to treat his 'oldman' too. I have read that the thrush fungus can lurk on the scrotum, so they should thoroughly wash their turkey before contact.

    I also stopped using bubble bath, and soap and shower gell around the garden area. Just washing with water keeps her clean.

    I don't know if canistan kills sperm, but I do know that thrush makes the vajayjay really inhospitable.

    Live yoghurt gave me instant relief from that awful itching, and sorted it in a couple of days.
    HTH! X
  • Thanks! It's really itchy!!!!! I can't handle it haha.
    I will try canastan, xx

    I guess after everything I shouldn't panic about it. I haven't been able to have a baby in the last year so what does it matter!
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