Preseed and cbfm

Hi ladies, well last night I used preseed for the first time, hubby had no idea, I didn't use as much as it said to use but it didn't feel too much at all, maybe i didn't use enough? Any ideas? First month using cbfm and preseed, desperate for a bfp, here's hoping. Lovely to see some bfp's on here over the last couple of days.


  • Fingers crossed for a BFP. We've been using preseed externally all cycle (sorry TMI!) but thought I might start squirting some internally - haha! Glad too hear it isn't too weird. Not too keen on the whole sticking the tube up there thing, which is silly really as am trying to have a baby and if I get a BFP then a whole lot more will be going up there! X
  • How long have you been ttc mrsEH? I must admit it's not the sexiest thing I've done before bd! I did it whilst hubby was in the bathroom. I've heard really good things about it, but am also a bit cynical about so many success stories. Just throwing everything possible at it this month. xxx
  • moomin i have been using preseed for last three cycles and i also use the cbfm. I tend to use preseed internally using the applicators. I use upto about the number three on them. The preseed instructions say that the average women needs about number 3 but when you have put it in, to bear down slightly to get any excess out - then you know you have used the right amount. they say to put it in from 5 mins before you bd and up to an hour before. If its an hour before, you body may absorb some so you might need a bit more.
    I tend to use it on the days that i get highs and peaks on the cbfm.
  • Thanks natster, I might use a bit more tonight, I had my second high today on the cbfm but I have a little bit of pain on my left hand side low down so wonder if ovulation might be happening? Xxx
  • I came off the pill Nov last year, we've been UPSIing since Feb and this is cycle 3 of hardcore trying! Still haven't OVd yet so waiting for that at the mo. Have heard lots of good things about preseed so fingers crossed!
  • Hey moomin it seems we really are the same this month as I'm also using pre-seed as well as the cbfm. It really doesn't feel very dignified but I don't care anything for a BFP!! xx
  • Would love to hear how you all get on! I'm thinking about buying some preseed as I'm getting pretty fed up of ttc now and its the only thing we haven't tried! Bought a cbfm last month and it gave me peaks on the same days as the cheap opk's so we haven't had anymore sex as we always used to bd in the run up to ov anyway so the highs don't really make any difference. Maybe I need some friendly lubeimage Good luck girls x
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