need advice!

hello everyone, im new to BE and just wondered if some of u lovely lady would give me some tips.
heres my situation i got my implant taken out at the start of march but i am trying to wrk out my ov day the thing is i had two bleeds in jan one in the first wk and one at the end and i havent had a period since so i havent got a clue how to wrk it out. x :\?


  • OMG! lilafairy! im so glad u have posted! i have been trying to find someone for ages who has AF as random as me! lol. ive heard alot of people coming off pill/implant, and AF coming back to normal, or not getting AF for 60-80 odd days, but no1 like me! and it seems u r! (which is a bit rubbish for us lol but at least we have eachother i spose).

    so heres my story... i came off pill 28th jan, had AF 28 days later which was great.... but then 12 days later had another AF and then 13 days after that... another AF! lol, im guesing my body is just confused? and trying to get back to normal?

    so i was worried theres something wrong with me? or that im not ovualting atall? so sorry im not much help, but at least we no its not just us???

    im thinking all we can do is wait? have u had any EWCM yet? i havent? xxxx
  • hey ladies ...

    Do any of you tried using OPK ?
    It may help to know if you are actually ovulating or not. Or even charting temperature ...
  • Hiya

    I had a nightmare time coming off the depo injection. No periods for around 6 months then i would have 40day periods, then week off and then another massive period. This has taken around 18months to get back into a normal cycle of 28ish days! Sorry to scare you! lol

    My drs did offer me a boost of hormone tablets though to even it out. The implant and depo are largely the male hormone progesterone so the waiting time is actually something to do with getting the balance back of oestrogen so you have a regular cycle.
    If you are concerned i'd see the drs otherwise it is just a waiting game!
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