leaving you all

Hi hun
good luck at the Docs and on the 12th, enjoy quality time with hubby - we'll all be here for you when you need to chat - even if you not ttc.


  • hey every1, i am drained and exhausted, af just arrived and now wil not b ttc for 2 months as i have to have my bloods done due to 3 mc's.

    im talking this as an oppourtunity to compleatly forget about ttc and sort my head out. going docs 2moro for my first lot of bloods and hopefully get some help for how low im feeling. im 21, i shouldnt be feeling this way, me and OH have decided the next 2months will be for having fun and doing all the things we wont be able to do when we have a baby, gunna book a holiday for sept aswell.

    i have a job interview on the 12th of july so if i get the job it will be good that we r having a few months off ttc.

    trying to look at all the positives here, i no 'i am young and have plenty of time' but that does not mean i me and hubby do not want a baby now.

    its heartbreaking having to stop, 2months may not seems long but to me it is. i am dreading next week, my friends baby is due, they started ttc the same time as us, i always said i would be pregnant by the time they had there baby but im not, god knows how that is going to make me feel, i dont mean to sound selfish but im sure you understand what i mean.

    well im sorry for the rant anyway but just wana say thankyou for all of your support you have given me on here i will always be grateful. i will nip on once a month to let you all no how the tests are going but apart frm that i am keeping away from it all.

    much love to you all and gl in ttc xxx
  • Good luck Sally let us know how you get on. The 2 months won't feel bad once you get past your OV the first time - I know it sounds strange but last month it was quite a releif for me not to be on a 2ww! That alone is stressful each month. I know you want a baby now but give your mind and body time to heal and let the docs see if they can find anything that can help you have your H&H 9 mths. I saw your other post and you will get your chance at being a mummy - don't worry :\) - there are plenty of things that are very simple to fix - they just need a little time to find it or it could just fix itself with a little time. :\)

    Good luck pet. x

  • I'm on a ttc break as well until September but maybe, possibly in August we can start again too...

    It's a tough pill to swallow at first but as strange as it sounds, you'll come to terms with it as time goes by. I'm sorry you've gone through three mc and I know there's nothing I can say to make you feel better but I'm thinking of you and praying you get the answers you need in order to hold your baby!

  • Hi Sally, G/C to say good luck for the tests; hopefully you'll both be able to relax a bit the next couple o fmonths, I'm sure it'll do you the world of good. And you have your holiday to look forward to!!

    Sending you huge hugs; hope they get to the bottom of it all for you, and see you when you return! xxx
  • hiya sally, good luck at the docs, have a nice break, good plan about doing things like booking hol etc to take ur mind off ttc. i understand what u mean about being young, but it doesnt make the need for a bubba any less (i am also 21) chat when u come back, hope ur feeling better soon! hugs xxxxxx
  • Good luck sally, you re young and have a whole wondeful life in front of you. Make most of it, enjoy yourself and time with your oh..Work on yourself, it will happen for you, you'll see..
    Good luck with the docs.
    Love R xx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm really sad to see you leave but i would love it if you could come and let us know how you're getting on!

    I truly hope that you are given some answers and i look forward to seeing you in September hopefully followed by a swift BFP!

    Have a nice break hun!

    Lots of love
  • So sorry you are leaving hun, will miss you.

    Take care of yourself and oh and have a bit of fun and relax, you will be back with a BFP before you know it.

    Oh and good luck for the interview xx
  • Hey you!

    Sorry to hear you feel this way. I hope the doctor can give you the answers and support that you need. Remember we're all here if you need us and please let us know how you get on.

    Much love xxx
  • Good luck with everything at the doctors, I hope to see you back here soon Sally xxx
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